Grasshopper Manufacture Teases Potential Gameplay Feature Regarding Audio Distance

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture recently launched the thirty-first episode of their “THE DEV ROOM” series, titled “A Very Special Episode.” And it is indeed special, even though multiple episodes are given that identical title.

Grasshopper discusses what seems to be a gameplay feature. This could be for an upcoming title, but nothing in that regard was explicitly said. Further, the screen is blocked out.

Thankfully, English subtitles are at least present, which are quoted below:

“We’re still kind of experimenting with this, but just before that last battle, we were told that we needed a part that would increase the tension a bit. So, we made this sort of ambient track. So, for each part, we assigned this thing called an “AISAC curve.”

And we made it so that as you approach an enemy, the volume and the sound itself transition like this. We’re gradually moving closer, about 25 meters away now. And as you back off, it reverts like this.

Moving in closer again…

Anyway, we’re making the music while working out how to apply it so that it changes like this according to distance.”

There isn’t much to grasp here besides a potential audio-related gameplay mechanic related to in-game distance.

You can view the latest episode of the Grasshopper Manufacture THE DEV ROOM below.

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