Grasshopper Manufacture Most Profitable Titles are No More Heroes & The Silver Case, Says Suda 51

In an interview with discussing the 25 years of history with developer Grasshopper Manufacture, Suda 51 revealed that No More Heroes and The SIlver Case are their most profitable titles.

He then went into detail about how video game developers make far less money than most fans think, especially indie developers.

You can view the quoted relevant lines from Suda 51 below:

“Even if we develop a game that sells a million copies – which we’ve achieved in the past – we only receive [a tiny] percentage of the profits from that. The two series in which we currently make the most money are No More Heroes and The Silver Case. These titles continue to sell to some degree, so they’ve provided a slow but steady stream of income over the years.”

“Unfortunately, game developers don’t really make as much money as people tend to think, especially in the case of independent developers. It’s just not as simple as ‘making a good game that people like = big money.’ That’s why many independent developers aren’t doing it for the money alone.”

You can view the full interview for additional details.

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Well, a huge spaceship has just appeared, led by FU and a group of eight other aliens. Unfortunately, it ends up not being the reunion that Damon expects as FU and his alien force decide to use the disguise of superheroes to cause trouble. It’s now up to Travis Touchdown to stop the group, even though they are hailed as heroes.

The title is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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