Grandia I & II HD Remasters Discounted On PC Via Steam

Grandia I & II HD Remasters Discounted On PC Via Steam

Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has discounted the HD Remasters of the original Grandia and Grandia II on PC via Steam. Both titles are 50% off and are $9.99 each. These games have become largely forgotten in contemporary gaming spheres, but their lovable casts, stellar soundtracks, and engaging narratives make them deserving of more recognition. While these remasters aren’t exactly perfect regarding quality, they are at least enough to entice prospective new fans.

Grandia tells the story of Justin, who is out exploring the ruins of an Angelou Civilization. Upon arriving, he is requested to travel east and find out the secret of why this ancient civilization disappeared. The game was developed by Game Arts, the developer for the Lunar series, and features a turn-based battle system and classic RPG storytelling.

Grandia HD Remaster includes exclusive Steam cards and achievement, along with Widescreen support and customizable resolutions. Players will also be able to remap the controls on the keyboard and gamepad.

Grandia HD Collection on Nintendo Switch features enhanced visuals and fully supports the hybrid system. In addition, this collection on Switch includes both Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster.

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