Grand Theft Horse Title, ‘Rustler’, Enters Steam Early Access Next Month

Developer Jutsu Games and publishers Modus Games and Games Operators have announced that their self dubbed “Grand Theft Horse” title, Rustler, will be entering Steam Early Access on February 18, 2021.

You can view the live-action trailer that debuted alongside the announcement below:

In Rustler, players take control of a brigand known as anti-hero Guy who is seeking to win The Great Tournament to win the princess’ hand in marriage. He will complete a variety of quests, terrorize citizenry, shoot cows into the sky, and cause general medieval mayhem.

This upcoming title’s advertised features are listed below:

  • Grand Theft Horse: Wreak havoc in a medieval world inspired by classic GTA gameplay.
  • Wear the Crown: As a poor civilian, you’ll need to get creative in order to win the Great Tournament. Form weird alliances, double-cross your foes, and dig up dinosaur skeletons (because, why not?).
  • A Medieval Sandbox: How you progress is up to you. Spend your time completing quests, wreaking havoc, and having a laugh at the expense of others!
  • A Lot of Horsin’ Around: Shoot cows into the sky, drag your neighbors through the mud, toss some holy hand grenades, or draw fancy pictures in the field with a plow.
  • Minstrelsy of Power: Hire a musical companion to play the tunes you like and add a powerful soundtrack to your adventures.

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