Percival Shows Off His Unique Charge Mechanics in Our GranBlue Fantasy: Versus Gameplay

There’s no denying that Granblue Fantasy Versus is shaping up to be stylistic and beautiful in its presentation. Still, the game also has some unique mechanics to make it approachable yet strategically challenging. One of the newest characters to be introduced is Percival.

Unlike the other fighters, Percival uses a charge that powers up his attacks. For example, an attack without a charge is much weaker than unleashing the same offense with a charge. What this means is that people playing as Percival will want to charge any moments that they get. On the other hand, those facing Percival will want to stop him from charging by any means. A good match up to Perceval as a balance midrange fighter like Ferry, who can quickly stop him from charging.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is a 2D fighter with characters representing from the Granblue IP fighting it out across various stages. The developer states that this will be a “new era of fighting games” with new balance systems and focus on sound and visuals. Additionally, the game will feature RPG Mode which allows players to play through the fighting game as if it were an action RPG. This mode will follow an original Granblue Fantasy: Versus storyline full of cutscenes and boss battles against iconic Granblue antagonists.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the game’s closed beta as well as our interview with the developers.

You can check out our Percival gameplay from Granblue Fantasy: Versus recorded from PAX West 2019 below:

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