Gotham Knights Finally Has a Release Date

The official Gotham Knights Twitter account has announced a release date for the upcoming action role-playing game. Alongside a picture of a clocktower, the tweet revealed that Gotham Knights will be releasing on October 25th of this year for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Gotham Knights has players assume the role of Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, or Bat Girl. Bruce Wayne and James Gordon have seemingly perished, and it’s up to Bruce’s proteges to stop Gotham City from descending into complete lawlessness. Iconic villains like Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and the more recent Court of Owls appear in Gotham Knights, with the Court of Owls seemingly playing a large role in the story.

Gotham Knights can be played alone or with a friend, as you can jump in and out of a session with a friend. There are RPG elements, like levelling up your characters to make them the crime-fighting legends they are in the comic books. Though this is made by the same studio as Arkham Origins, it does not take place in the Arkham continuity.

Gotham Knights was originally set to release in 2021, but was delayed to this year and had not set release date until today. For more information on Gotham Knights, check out the Story Trailer below that released as part of the DC FanDome last year.

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