Gotham Knights Revealed With Gameplay Details; Entire Game Can be Played in Co-op or Solo

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released gameplay footage from the WB Games Montreal-developed action-adventure Gotham Knights, coming in 2021.

In a video, the developer revealed pre-alpha gameplay, where we are shown a mission that takes place during the Mr. Freeze story arc. The developer plays as Bat Girl who travels Gotham as Mr. Freeze changes the weather. The video gives us a look at co-op gameplay as well and how players can tackle the mission differently depending on which character they are playing as.

The game then gives us a look at some of the gadgets and abilities of the characters. Players can stealthy take down enemies and avoid detection, but when they are cause they’ll need to take out enemies using everything they’ve got. It seems like the game utilizes combo-based combat with button press combos. One interesting element is how players can use joint attacks with other characters.

Aside from this, we get a look at the platforming and exploration during levels, which borrows classic detective gameplay systems from the series.

In Gotham Knights, Batman is dead, and it’s time for a new set of heroes to rise up and save Gotham. This includes Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing. Each character has their own abilities and gameplay systems that allow them to take down enemies differently in combat.

Release consoles for Gotham Knights have not been revealed, but next-generation systems are assumed to be on the tabled.

You can watch the gameplay video and trailer below:

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