Gorgeous Metroidvania, Being & Becoming, Announced for PC

Developer Tony the Fish and Publisher Critical Reflex took to today’s GDC Indie MIX to announce Being & Becoming, an all-new side-scrolling Metroidvania game.

In Being & Becoming, you play as a Lucid Dreamer who must venture into a seaside kingdom to wake it from its people from their corrupted slumber. This means killing enemies who are too corrupted and consuming their spirits to use for yourself.

Players will fight using a variety of weapons wielded by spirits trapped in the corrupted dream in order to both fight and to navigate environments. The choices you make will unveil playthrough-specific passages which will only be available depending on where you choose to start as you try to end the corrupted Collective Dream.

Not only does Being & Becoming have distinct and incredible pixel-art, but it also features fully voiced-over characters and a dynamic and atmospheric soundtrack made by Holland Albright.

There’s currently no trailer for the game, but the gifs below will give you an idea of what the game looks like and how it plays.

For more updates on Being & Becoming, check out the game’s official Twitter account. You can also wishlist the game and get all the details currently available on its official Steam page.

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