Classic Eroguro Visual Novel ‘Gore Screaming Show’ Announced by JAST USA

JAST USA has announced the western release of Gore Screaming Show during their panel at Anime Expo 2022. The ero-guro visual novel was originally released in Japan in 2006, having received a few updated releases to support other Windows versions. The game even featured a gore filter option due to its extremely sensitive content. It’s currently 65% translated and 40% edited.

Gore Screaming Show tells the story of a young man called Jinno Kyouji, who goes back to the remote area he used to live during childhood. His parents are working overseas and he moved to live with his occult enthusiast aunt. This change of scenery is a great chance for him to get to know some of the girls he used to talk to back in the day, all of which have become beautiful women.

As his aunt is investigating mysterious supernatural phenomena, she asks for Kyouji’s help and he decides to look into the matter. Together with his friends, he moves into a forest on the town’s outskirts related to the local rumors and the group decides to split up. Exploring the place like that is a terrible idea, and the group will set a bloody, graphic tragedy into motion.

Gore Screaming Show was directed, illustrated and originally conceived by Ueda Metawo, who was also involved in Sadistic BlooD and Dead End Aegis. Ueda shares scriptwriting with Kusakabe Matsuri, who was the writer of the classic BL Shingakkou -Noli me tangere-.

We’ll let you know as JAST USA announces more information on Gore Screaming Show.

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