Episodic Cyberpunk Visual Novel ‘Gods of the Twilight’ Gets November Release Date

Volutian Design has announced their multi-season episodic cyberpunk visual novel Gods of the Twilight. This episodic release will launch its first five chapters for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam Early Access on November 14, 2023.

Throughout this title, players find themselves in “New Reykjavík, a city-ship set in a futuristic world of invasive technology and ecological disaster.” Dual protagonists Althea and Farkas are reincarnated deities who avoid high-tech cultists and discover ancient truths and their own arcane abilities as Ragnarök looms ever closer.

Player choices will shape their roles, with interdependent ones playing off each other and carrying over across chapters. Some of the types of characters players can anticipate interacting with are “military intelligence officers, bartenders, billionaires, and the protagonists’ childhood friends.”

Choices are the crux of the experience, as they will determine the course of stats and relationships, including romance and rivalries. Branching paths and unique endings are to be expected. The protagonists can also fall in love with each other, with options of polyamory and multiple genders. The intricate web of allies and enemies Althea and Farkas can make are “deities, mythical creatures, governmental bodies, powerful corporations, and criminal organizations.”

Gods of the Twilight is stated to be fully voice-acted; the following voice cast has been confirmed:

  • Koroma (Baldur’s Gate 3)
  • Kelsey Jaffer (Genshin Impact)
  • Atli Óskar Fjalarsson (The Midnight Sky)
  • Ellis Knight (SMITE)

Volutian Design co-founder Ashley Micks said the following regarding this project:

“Like so many others creating their dream projects, we began working on Gods of the Twilight in 2020, but believe it or not, we began before the pandemic! The timing was uncanny, but hopefully, the rest of our work won’t be so prophetic. Real life is already a bit of a cyberpunk dystopia, so it’s interesting to explore what might come next and what it all means for our characters and their relationships. With magic in the mix, of course–the stories of our past are part of us as well. We love chatting about these things, and storytelling has a way of kicking off interesting discussions.”

Volutian Design co-founder Leandro Zantedeschi said the following regarding this project:

“This project is the brainchild of two friends who share a deep love for roleplaying and immersive storytelling. We spent years working on it, improving it slowly and steadily by our own efforts and those of the talented artists, voice actors, and other collaborators we hired to help us. And we did so because we believe in it–we’re driven to create something heartfelt, with complex characters and themes, for an audience that shares our passion and enjoys the world we’re creating as much as we do.”

You can view official key art and screenshots for Gods of the Twilight via our gallery below:

You can view the announcement trailer for Gods of the Twilight below:

A demo is currently available on PC via Steam and Itch.io.

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