God of War Ragnarök Valhalla Free DLC Now Available

God of War Ragnarök Valhalla Free DLC Now Available

Santa Monica Studio has announced that the free God of War Ragnarök Valhalla DLC is now available on PlayStation 5 via PSN. This epilogue mode to the base game follows Kratos in a roguelite format.

This content is described as the following:

Master Thyself

After the events of Ragnarök, Kratos sees a path for himself he never thought possible, bringing him to the shores of Valhalla.

Accompanied only by Mimir, Kratos embarks on a deeply personal and reflective journey that pushes him to master mind and body as he is confronted with the challenges of Valhalla in an unravelling, replayable adventure that blends the beloved combat from God of War Ragnarök with brand new elements inspired by the roguelite genre.

Kratos’ Journey Continues

In this epilogue to God of War Ragnarök, Kratos enters Valhalla, a new location to the God of War Norse saga. Faced with echoes of his past, he fights to overcome the trials within himself and walk the path laid out before him.

Beloved Combat Reimagined

The team at Santa Monica Studio challenged themselves to create a new way for players to engage with the combat from God of War Ragnarök with fresh and experimental twists inspired by the roguelite genre. God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla will push you to master different aspects of Kratos’ arsenal during each attempt as you face new combinations of enemies and some surprises along the way!

Fight. Learn. Grow.

Death is never the end. Kratos will have access to his weapons, skills, shields, and abilities, but each new attempt will reset his Stats, Runic Attacks, and Perks. As Kratos progresses through each attempt, you will be presented with choices between rewards that will help you push deeper into the mysterious depths of Valhalla while building resources towards persistent upgrades.

A Gift to the Fans!

As fans of their fans, and as a thank you to the God of War community for their love and support, Santa Monica Studio is releasing God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla for free!

This add-on will be downloadable via PlayStation Store on 12 December 2023; you will need to own a copy of God of War Ragnarök (sold separately) to access this content.

To avoid spoilers, it is recommended that players complete the story of God of War Ragnarök, but all players are welcome to begin Valhalla at any time.

In God of War Ragnarök, players join Kratos and Atreus in a profound and gripping adventure in a direct sequel to the highly praised “God of War” (2018), developed by Santa Monica Studio. Amidst the onset of Fimbulwinter, a prelude to the apocalyptic event known as Ragnarök, the duo embarks on a journey through the Nine Realms.

Their quest for answers is urgent as forces from Asgard gear up for a fated battle that is destined to bring about the end of the world. This journey is not only a physical one but also an emotional path, where they confront breathtaking, mythical landscapes and formidable foes, including Norse gods and monstrous beings.

As the threat of Ragnarök looms ever closer, Kratos and Atreus face a critical choice: their own well-being or the safety of the realms. This narrative intertwines epic action with the deep emotional struggle of holding on and letting go.

God of War Ragnarök has sold over 15 million units worldwide.

God of War Ragnarök is available on PlayStation 5.

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