God Eater 3 Details New Character ‘Phym’ and ‘Burst Arts’ System With New Screenshots

Bandai Namco released new screenshots and the opening movie of their upcoming action adventure God Eater 3, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on February 8.

The opening movie features the song “stereo future” by Kenta Matsukuma composed specifically for the game. The opening movie also gives a preview of the game’s setting and characters.

Additionally, the publisher released new screenshots of the game’s protagonists who have been rescued by the crew of an Ash Crawler called Chrysanthemum. Ash Crawlers are the only wall of defense between the Aragami threat and human extinction. They are essentially hub ships holding God Arc users and other humans housed by an Anti-Aragami wall, which protects them or the outside world.

In God Eater 3, the Chrysanthemum crew have lost most of their member and must enlist the help of others to defeat the Aragami and restore routes through the Ashlands. Players will use the base to scout into uncharted areas and guide the caravan deeper into the world.

Also revealed was a new character Phym, a girl with a horn on her forehead. She’s met during a scouting mission and is a vital part of God Eater 3’s story.

One gameplay feature was revealed today as the Burst Arts, which is a special attack system that allowed players can use during Burst Mode. Burst Arts take various forms depending on who’s using them and in what position they use it, running or jump. Burst Arts Effects can be customized by the player.

In case you missed it, God Eater 3 will also support dual audio language options.

You can check out the opening movie and screenshots showings Phym and the Burst Arts moves below:


Author’s take: Phym looks pretty dope, hopefully, she has some secret power that destroys a ton of enemies. I’ll protect that smile.

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