Gloomhaven Updates Early Access With Chapter 4 Content

Gloomhaven Updates Early Access With Chapter 4 Content

Asmodee Digital announced that the Flaming Fowl Studios-developed tactical RPG Gloomhaven has received a new update bringing Chapter 4 content.

With this Chapter 4 content, players will find a host of new missions, enemy types, and characters. Here’s the important stuff:

  • 2 iconic mercenaries with unique abilities and playstyles, referred to as “Eclipse” and “Phoenix.”
  • 7 story missions, 4 relic missions, and 7 journey missions, including ones that explore the new mercenaries’ origins and motivations
  • New biomes to traverse, Sewers and Rural Villages, and a variety of new enemy types, including Black Imp, Deep Terror, Ooze and Lurker
  • A brooding new boss lurking at the bottom of the ocean

Since it’s launch on Early Access, Gloomhaven has received several substantial updates that have added a tutorial, over 90 missions, and an online co-op.

Based on the board game, Gloomhaven allows players to form a party of mercenaries and take on missions that will test the strategic skills. Players will use cards to plan out their attack against enemies. As they progress, characters will earn experience and levels to become more powerful. The game’s online mode has players assume the role of one or more of the four mercenaries in the party. Each mercenary has unique abilities and strengths that should be taken into consideration for battle.

You can watch the chapter 4 update below:

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