Dungeon-Crawling JRPG ‘Girls & Dungeons 2’ Launches on Steam With Free Adult Patch Available

Top Hat Studios announced that the Nabelsoft developer dungeon-crawling JRPG Girls & Dungeons 2 has released on PC-via Steam.

Girls & Dungeons 2 is a dungeon-crawling JRPG that follows a barkeep named Kai, who has a goal to become a Master Bartender. Sadly, he hasn’t made much progress on this until one night a tipsy princess stumbles through the door who will change his life. She ends up giving him a choice to assist her throughout a dungeon that exists under the tavern to defeat an evil wizard. His quest will lead him to many discoveries such as “Liquormancy”, that only helps him improve as a bartender.

This standalone entry in the Girls & Dungeons series features a 10 – 15-hour runtime where players will venture through a dungeon and battle numerous enemies. Players will also be able to create drinks that will help the party members in tough situations. The Steam version of the game is the cut version to meet Valve guidelines, but the publisher has released a free uncensored patch for those who want it. This will ultimately unlock the game’s hidden ecchi scenes that the developer hopes you can collect.

Additionally, a bundle has been created that includes both games for $7.98.

You can watch the release trailer below:

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