Frontwing Visual Novel ‘GINKA’ Coming West; Steam Page Now Available

Frontwing has opened a Steam page for GINKA, their latest visual novel from the team behind ATRI -My Dear Moments-. Along with this news comes confirmation that it’ll be available in English. GINKA is coming to PC in 2023, though a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Written by Konno Asta with character designs by Yusano and Akio Watanabe, this visual novel tells the story of a boy called Aoba Ryusei who lost his childhood friend during the night of a summer festival. His childhood friend, Shinomiya Ginka, disappeared and no one knew what happened to her, leading to claims that she must have been “spirited away.”

Five years have passed and he still hasn’t forgotten her, so he tries to find out what happened but sadly learns that she never came back. However, he soon finds a girl who looks exactly like Ginka did. She doesn’t know her name but seems to love Ryusei giving the boy the chance to spend an unforgettable summer vacation with her.

While Ryusei is happy with this situation, he can’t help but feel uneasy about the mysterious elements behind it, like how she hasn’t aged a bit. It’s likely that learning the truth will be a significant point of the game lurking behind the nostalgic, tranquil lull of seeing her again.

Check out GINKA‘s concept trailer narrated by Ikumi Hasegawa (Ginka’s voice actress):

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Frontwing reveals more information on GINKA.

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