Ghostrunner Preview – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

We’ve seen first-person parkour games before, but none of them seemed to have the balls to implement a one-hit kill system. Well, that is until One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks debuted their newest title Ghostrunner. What stands out about this bloody action game is how the level designs encourage you to use your imagination during encounters. Still, even with the high level of difficulty, there already seems to be plenty of tools available to make it through any fight.

During the Ghostrunner demo, players get to play about 20 minutes of gameplay. This is more than enough time to introduce several gameplay mechanics and inform the player that they are in for a tough time. You see, Ghostrunner is a first-person parkour action game, but it’s also one-hit kill, and everything wants to kill you.

The story is only barely touched on during the demo, but it centers around someone named Whisper, who you’ve just released out of prison. Evidently, both of your misfortune has been at the hands of someone called the Keymaster, and so you set out for revenge.

Ghostrunner 1

Story aside, players can freely move around the levels that for right now feel more like arenas. Each arena has several ways to approach traversal. Players can wall climb, slow time to boost in a direction, use a hook shot, slide, and attack with a sword. You will be using a combination of these actions at any given moment of gameplay.

Each action is tied to the shoulder buttons and face buttons for the default control scheme. This did take some time to perfect my movement since using a shoulder button to jump is not something that I’m used to. However, once you get it down, the process of pressing the shoulder buttons provides quick access to all of your actions. Still, there are other control types available as well as keyboard support.

Rhythm is key during gameplay as you run across the walls and line up your attacks with enemies. One wrong move can mean death. However, once you have the movement down, it sure makes you feel like a badass. The game is also fairly forgiving when it comes to hitboxes. There were times where I know I was off on my attacks, but I still killed the enemies.

Ghostrunner 2

In the later parts of Ghostrunner, I’m excited to see who the developer roles out additional arenas and utilizes any other abilities to make this fast-action game continually evolve. There’s definitely some room to fine-tune the action, but a lot rides on the skills of the player with this one, but if you enjoy constant moving and responding to split second attacks from enemies, then this just might be what you need.

Ghostrunner is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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