Ghost Trick Rated in South Korea; Possess My Heart Again

Out of nowhere, the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea just announced the approval of a Ghost Trick rating. The request was filed on August 24, 2022, and accepted on September 2, 2022, but was only made public recently. So naturally, this has fans speculating about many things, but in particular, that Capcom will be bringing back a Nintendo DS jewel from 2011, which was Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

If you didn’t know, Ghost Trick was an adventure game released on the Nintendo DS, in which players control Sissel, a young man who, after awakening as a spirit, realizes he has no recollection of who he is or why he died. “Who am I?”, “Who killed me?” and “Why was I killed?” The gameplay had you swap at will between the Land of the Living and the Ghost World and set off on a journey to find the truth to those questions.

Sissel has the ability to travel between objects and perform “Ghost Tricks” on them, hence the name of the game. One of the main attractions was also how Sissel was capable of changing the fate of a dead body by viewing the last 4 minutes before their death and changing how they went. I enjoyed this game a whole lot back on the DS days for its quirky story and nicely-crafted puzzles, and I hope this means a re-release on modern consoles because the last time the game got one, it was on the Apple Store (which you can still download here if you own a compatible iOS device).

ghost trick detective art

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