Ghost Trick Producer Says Team May Consider Sequel if Enough People Play it

Outlet Game Informer recently interviewed various staff members of the upcoming remastered mystery adventure Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. There are two notable responses here, potentially leading toward a sequel if the stars align.

The following response is from the game’s creator, Shu Takumi:

Has revisiting the game for new platforms made you think of potential sequel ideas? Would you like to see a sequel?

Takumi: The story of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is completely told in this single game, so I think it would be difficult to create a sequel. However, the powers of the dead that this game introduces may hold some possibility.

Secondly, the following reply is from the port’s producer, Shingo Izumi:

If this remaster sells well, do you think a sequel could be in the future?

Izumi: Right now, we are dedicating all we have to deliver Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective to as many players as possible, so we haven’t had time to think about what we’re going to do after that. I hope the amount of people who play this game is large enough that it makes us want to consider a sequel!

So, while there is obviously nothing set in stone, high sales always do the talking. If Ghost Trick manages to overcome Capcom’s expectations, a sequel may be possible down the horizon.

Personally, I think the title may succeed when considering how much of a cult following it has. Then again, it’ll be competing against Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming mystery adventure, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, which launches on the same day, so it’ll be a battle of mysteries.

A free Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective demo is now available. Check out the latest gameplay trailer and our preview.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on June 30, 2023.

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