Ghost Trick Gets the Love it Deserves: 98% Positive Steam Reviews From Over 1,300 Users

Capcom recently brought their cult-classic mystery adventure Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective to modern platforms following its initial DS release in 2010.

For those unaware, despite the game doing critically well at the time, its sales disappointed Capcom. In fact, Ghost Trick’s performance on the DS in Japan is a stated reason for the company’s disappointing results during the 2010 fiscal year’s first quarter.

However, the title being brought to modern platforms has significantly bolstered its reach. On Steam alone, it has currently achieved a total of 1,394 reviews, 98% of which are positive.

Word of mouth for Ghost Trick before these newer ports was already strong, and it seems like it has only been strengthened tenfold. Plus, the game is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, so more players than ever have access to this overlooked gem.

In an interview with Game Informer in June 2023, the port’s producer, Shingo Izumi, and original creator Shu Takumi teased that a sequel may be possible, with Izumi noting that there is a chance that a sequel may arise if enough people play this new release.

Here’s hoping the title sees further success. While Ghost Trick functions excellently as a standalone experience, a sequel with a new cast but reimagined gameplay concepts could be exciting.

If you’re curious about Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, check out our review. A free demo is also available with save data transference to the full release.

Capcom officially translated previously Japan-exclusive character prologues, listed below:

In Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, players control Sissel, a young man who, after awakening as a spirit, realizes he has no recollection of who he is or why he died.

“Who am I?”, “Who killed me?” and “Why was I killed?” are the existential quandaries he finds himself facing. The gameplay has you swap at will between the Land of the Living and the Ghost World and set off on a journey to find the truth to those questions.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective features high-quality gameplay updates, including enhanced graphics and framerates at 1080p 60fps. Further, compatible platforms take advantage of touch controls. In the Extras menu, players can now access a collection of newly recorded and arranged music tracks alongside unique illustrations.

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