Ghost Parade Gameplay Preview – Not a Normal Walk Home

It’s interesting to imagine that a walk-home from school could lead you through an adventure you’d never forget. Well, developer Lentera Studio presents this and more in their newest game, Ghost Parade.

Players will take control of Suri, a girl who ends up missing the bus home from school and decides to just walk. However, along the way she notices that the forest has gone through a few supernatural changes. Evidently, humans have begun disrupting the living conditions of the forest’s inhabitants and the spirits that live within it must now fight for their survival. Armed with a lantern, Suri will do all she can to save the forest. Thankfully, she is not alone as she is joined by spirit allies who lend her strength.

Don’t let this game’s cuteness confuse you, it is a very difficult game. Suri will face many deaths as she navigates through the forest. Whether it’s by falling from a large height or getting rammed to death by a giant beetle, be prepared to die here, a lot. Ghost Parade also offers moments of challenging platforming where the player’s skills will be put to the test. Throughout the game, Suri will add new spirits to her party who offer unique abilities that will aid her on her quest.

Ghost Parade comes to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in November 2019.

You can watch our gameplay preview below:

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