Get in Touch With The Holy Spirit, Priest Simulator Announced For PC Coming 2019

Ultimate Games announced the Dilirma developed RPG sim Priest Simulator will release on PC-via Steam at the end of 2019, yes a year away.

Priest Simulator will put the player in the role of a priest who can do all the things a priest does. Priest activities include collecting donations, walking around town in the highest position, delivering sermons, and performing exorcisms. There is no mention of any illegal activities available to the player while playing as the priest, but moral choices will change alter the direction of the story. Additionally, you can do some pretty outrageous actions while doing some of the available activities.

“In our new game, you will feel like a priest, the most privileged person in the village. We focus on an open world in which the main path of the storyline will be intertwined with intriguing side tasks. There will be plenty of standard activities – e.g. preaching sermons, visiting people and the sacraments but there will also be some more unusual activities such exorcisms and battles with demons” says one of the creators of the new game, Michał Jod.

He adds, “Life is the art of selecting the lesser evil. Such will also be the case in our game, where we will solve problems in different ways or not solve them at all. If a resident asks us for help, then, of course, we will be able to help that person but the game will also offer alternatives less beneficial for the needy. We’ll kill the devil and receive from the client an envelope with a reward or we allow the demon to depart and we obtain an ability associated with black magic. The decisions will be reflected in the reputation indicator and we invest the money in developing the parish, car upgrades and better weapons”

Evidentally, the game is just an exaggerated version of what a priest is, which could end up being historically interesting.

Developer Delirma is also working on another title, Father, set to release mid-2019 which will focus on the exorcism gameplay featured in Priest Simulator.

You can check out the annoucment trailer and screenshots below:

Author’s take: I don’t have anything to say about this game, but I am very interested in how the simulator community approaches this game.

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