Genshin Impact 2.3 Special Program Brings New Information Regarding New and Returning Content

Genshin Impact recently unveiled the contents of the latest Version Update in a special program broadcasted on their official Twitch channel. Version 2.3 will feature both returning and new events, as well as a new kind of banner. We’ve compiled all the information that was revealed this morning. Please note that some of the following images have been taken from the Japanese broadcast.

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  • Albedo and Eula return in consecutive rerun banners in a new type of Wish banner.
  • Two new characters: Arataki Itto and Gorou, will be available for players to Wish.
  • Two new artifact sets will be released: Husk of Opulent Dreams and Ocean-Hued Clam.
  • A new weapon, the Redhorn Stonethrasher, will be released in a new Weapon banner.
  • The fourth set of Hangout Events will be added, featuring Beidou and the new character Gorou.
  • New events, such as Bantan Sango Case Files and Shadows Amidst Snowstorm, will be available.

The main attraction of Version 2.3 will be the Shadows Amidst Snowstorm event, where players will return to Dragonspine and conduct experiments utilizing new gadgets with the help of Albedo and Eula. According to the hosts of the Special Program, by playing the event, players can obtain a new 4-star sword for free, as well as radiant rewards, such as Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora.

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Players were understandably confused as to how Albedo and Eula would be rerunning simultaneously, and developer MiHoYo quickly addressed the questions in a forum post via their Hoyolab application. The most important factor to consider is that your wish counter between the two banners is shared, but they’re both individual. Genshin has a system where if you do not get a 5-star in your 89th pull, your 90th pull will guarantee a 5-star. It might sound confusing, which is why the developers urge players to read the FAQ written in the official Hoyolab article.

Furthermore, a new boss will appear on Inazuma’s Tsurumi Island, known as the Golden Wolflord. Just like the Rifthounds introduced in the previous version update, this boss can apply the Corrosion status that will slowly chip down your party’s HP. Mid-battle, it is also able to summon Rifthounds to prolong the fight.

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Version 2.3 will be available for download on PS4 and PS5 from the PlayStation Store, Android from Google Play, iOS from the App Store, and PC from Epic Games Store or the Genshin Impact official website. In addition, a pre-load feature will be coming soon for PC users, and we will keep you updated in regards to that.

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