Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Update – The End of Eternity

Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Update – The End of Eternity

This month marks a whole year since Genshin Impact was released worldwide. After being chastised as a Breath of the Wild clone, the constant updates and unique content from Genshin helped distinguish it as its own beast. And in this update, Version 2.1, we are celebrating with new areas to explore, new mechanics, and saying goodbye to the Inazuma chapter of the Traveller’s long journey to seek out their sibling.

In Version 2.1, we get the final act of Inazuma’s story quest, titled “Omnipresence Over Mortals.” By completing the story quest, players learn that their next destination (which will perhaps be Version 3.0) is the Land of Wisdom, Sumeru. But there’s just one small problem: Dendro. The primary element of Sumeru is Dendro, which is an element that is akin to a “Grass” type. But as of right now, we have yet to see any playable Dendro-wielding characters, with the only one we’ve seen so far in the entire story being Baizhu, the chief pharmacist at Liyue’s Pharmacy.

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Version 2.1 also sees the addition of two new islands in Inazuma: Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. While Watatsumi Island is a key location the story takes place, Seirai Island is mainly left to the player to explore themselves in a world quest. Players will also find two new bosses; the Hydro Hypostasis and the Thunder Manifestation.

While some players might draw similarities to the Oceanid, the Thunder Manifestation is a bit different. Instead of fighting waves of illusions, you attack them directly. But it will constantly attempt to zap you with Electro-infused shockwaves that require either perfect dodging or erecting a shield utilizing the Crystalize reaction. The damage caused by the shockwaves can also be mitigated by drinking potions or eating food items that increase your Defense and Shield Strength. If your team is composed of mainly Electro characters, it’s advised to switch to other elements since the Thunder Manifestation is immune to any Electro or Electro-based reactions.

As for the Hydro Hypostasis, you’ll have to be very careful as it can spawn small creatures that are capable of healing it, undoing your progress. In addition, when its HP is close to hitting zero, it will split itself into three slime cores that will slowly crawl to the center of the stage, which the player must defeat to end the fight. Failing to do so will cause the Hydro Hypostasis’s HP to be healed, and the fight will continue. Still, this is nothing terribly new. It’s something we’ve seen in pretty much all Hypostasis bosses thus far.

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Next, let us talk about the new mechanic added to Genshin Impact, and that is fishing. To unlock this feature, players must have completed two side quests beforehand: The first quest being ‘A Teapot to Call Home’ and the second being the “Exploding Population.” Both are available from Liyue and Mondstadt, respectively, at Adventure Rank 35. Once both quests are completed, you’ll obtain some bait and a rod, and now all you got to do is find fishing spots and get to it.

Each fish has its own preferred bait and time of appearance. Certain types of fish also only appear in specific locations. Still, in a matter of days, the community has already managed to map most of this information. You can quickly check this information through MiHoYo’s Hoyolab forums, via the official subreddit, or the Discord server if you can join it. Fishes can then be exchanged for better rods, recipes for new baits, and other rewards that vary depending on which region you are in. Additionally, players can exchange fish for an amenity in your Serenitea Teapot that allows you to raise fish inside it.

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Finally, let us talk about the awaited Moonchase Festival. If you’re an old-time player that has participated in the Lantern Rite in the past, you’ll find it’s very similar yet very unique. The Moonchase Festival divides itself into three types of events: A “path” where you defeat enemies, a treasure chest hunting minigame, and a chain of story quests. To participate in the Moonchase Festival, players must be Adventure Rank 28 or higher, and have cleared Xiangling’s story quest before proceeding.

Once per day, players can ask the Adventurer Guild host to get all the Mystmoon Chest locations. Those are then marked on your map, and each chest you manage to find gives you 5 Primogems and a few other random rewards, which can range from Weapon EXP materials to Artifact consumables. Once you’ve found enough chests and Moonchase Charms, you’ll be able to obtain Weapon Upgrade Materials and even…a fish claymore. Yeah, you read that right. It’s a claymore shaped like a fish.

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Questionable weapons aside, let’s talk about the Gourmet’s Path. This pathway has you defeat groups of enemies that spawn in different locations. Conveniently, once you finish a challenge, a wind current that will quickly take you to the next one spawns right away. You can also offer dishes in the event page, which will grant you buffs inside those Challenges, such as increased Shield Strength or CRIT Rate.

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Truly, the collective Version 2 updates have been the most expansive thus far, adding many features in a short period, granting more playable activity to both newcomers and veterans alike.

As a result, Genshin Impact has no longer become a simple Breath of the Wild clone and has managed to set itself apart marvelously. I cannot wait for what is in store when we get to the region of Sumeru in the main story, and I also am eager to find out what events developer MiHoYo has in store for all of us in the future.


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