Genshin Impact Version 1.5 Pre-Installation Now Available; Here’s How To Download

Genshin Impact’s 1.5 update is almost here! And as always, you can perform a pre-installation of the game’s data to save you precious time to enjoy the update quickly after it releases by downloading data in advance.

PC Users

First, open your Launcher. A prompt will appear for you to update it. Once the download is complete, you’ll see a little cloud icon with “Game Pre-Installation” on it to the left of your “Launch” button. There, it will ask you to confirm if you wish to pre-install it or not.

For Version 1.5, the space that will be allocated is quite massive. This time, the game asks for you to allocate 15 GB on your disk. Compared to how Version 1.4 required 9.6 GB, it’s quite a heavy update. For the pre-installation, 7 GB out of those 15 will be downloaded.

Genshin Impact 1

You can play the game normally while it downloads the update in the background, but that might cause additional latency on your network, resulting in a higher ping.

Genshin Impact 2

Once the game finishes, a checkmark will appear.

Genshin Impact 3

Mobile Users

In-game, tap the Paimon Menu icon on the top left and then select the cog to open up your Settings. There, tap Other, and you’ll see a button that says “Pre-Install Resource Package,” like in the image provided below.

Genshin Impact 5

The game will get much much heavier, as it will ask for 3 GB of free space on your phone, bringing the app’s size to about…15 GB. Wow. That’s over 20% of storage taken if you have a 64 GB phone.

Unlike the PC version, however, you cannot play the game while the pre-installation happens. You can leave it downloading in the background, but playing isn’t possible.

Genshin Impact 4

PS4/PS5 Users

Once again, PS4/PS5 users don’t have the option to pre-install all the data, but here’s some good news: On April 28th, the day that Version 1.5 releases, the PlayStation 5 native version of the game will also release, as it was stated by the PlayStation Twitter:

In case you missed it, check out the enhancements of the PS5 release also our continued coverage of version 1.4 along with our review.

We’ll keep you updated on other news about Version 1.5 and further updates coming to Genshin Impact.

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