Genshin Impact Update 1.5 is Not a Filler Patch

Genshin Impact Update 1.5 is Not a Filler Patch

Genshin Impact has now been updated to Version 1.5, and as always, added new content, quality-of-life changes, and many new mechanics. Today, we’ll cover the three main aspects of this update: The Serenitea Teapot, the added optimizations, and information about the new characters and bosses.

The Serenitea Teapot is this game’s housing system. You can decorate it however you want, and show it off to your friends. You can decorate both the exterior of your new lodgings with trees, rocks, and buildings and the inside with furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, screens, etc. You can also invite Players inside to show off your layout and flex your creative ways. Developer MiHoYo however, asks players to keep in accordance with the Terms of Service when decorating your teapot’s interior and exterior. So, keep your meme spirit…in check.

Many quality-of-life changes can be found, such as the ability to manage your game installation size by deleting voice files. By going to your Options, you can select and delete voice files for all languages you don’t plan on using. This will allow the game to be a lot lighter on your device, as the voice packs won’t be updated in future updates if you choose to uninstall them. You can always install them again if you change your mind later.

Genshin Impact 2

Two new bosses were added, the Cryo Hypostasis and Azhdaha. In the Cryo Hypostasis, players must use Charged Attacks to shoot particles of ice at the enemy to break down its shield before it begins to heal when its HP reaches a certain threshold. So far, all the other bosses didn’t rely on Charged Attacks to break their shields, so this was a nice change of pace.

Azhdaha is unlocked after doing the second act of Zhongli’s story quest, another new addition to Version 1.5. This is quite possibly the most challenging boss I’ve ever fought. Even with the help of a friend in Co-Op Mode, we were still obliterated by its attacks. If you were looking for, dare I say, an even more demanding boss compared to Childe, then you’ve got one.

Genshin Impact 3

Two new hangout events were added, this time for Diona and a second hangout for Noelle, but we’ve already covered what those are all about back in our Version 1.4 impressions, and these are just more of the same.

Then we have the “signature” event of Version 1.5: the Energy Amplifier Initiation. Players must find the fragments of a giant crystal that shattered into pieces all across Teyvat to save the thesis of a researcher. By combining those pieces into the Energy Amplifier gadget, you clear a series of special domains to earn a unique currency that you can use to exchange for items in the Event Shop.

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Version 1.5 introduces a lot of new stuff. It seems developer MiHoYo is listening to the feedback of everyone, as a substantial chunk of new content was added, compared to Version 1.4’s filler update. I still eagerly await the Electro nation of Inazuma to be implemented, though. Like many players, I’m looking forward to any new secrets there are to be uncovered.

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