Gal Gun 2 Brings Euphoria Inducing Gameplay to Steam Today

PQube stealthy released the Inti Creates developed on-rails shooter Gal*Gun 2 onto PC-via Steam priced at $59.99 for those “PC master race” players who have been “gazing enviously at [their] console brothers”.

Now, PC players will be able to jump in on the action and discover the PC paradise that PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch players have been experiencing since the game launched in March of this year.

Gal*Gun 2 features a deep story of a high school boy trying to find true love but has been hit by cupids arrow, which ends up making all the girls at his school fall deeply in love with him. Evidentally, this can only be solved by shooting them with a pheromone gun that induces euphoria onto the girls and allows him to slip by. Additionally, players have access to a Demon Buster gun that sucks demons off the screen along with the girl’s clothing.

The publisher details the full list of features:

  • All new gameplay mechanics – thanks to the Demon Buster and Pheromone Goggles!
  • Use the Demon Buster to suck up those pesky demons – and more besides!
  • Pheromone goggles give you the ability to see what a normal human being should not!
  • New mission structure that sees you taking on quests and side-quests throughout the Academy!
  • Brand new romance options, from Nanako (your long-term BFF) to feisty neighbour Chiru!
  • Academy and Bedroom hubs for you to interact and chat with the girls.
  • Upgrade your Buster and Goggles for more power and effects!
  • DokiDoki mode is back and better than ever!
    A full compliment of costume DLC awaits, for you to customize Gal*Gun 2 to your personal taste!

Gal*Gun 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC-via Steam.

You can watch the new PC trailer and check out new screenshots below:

Author’s take: Gal*Gun is a series that doesn’t want to be taken seriously so why should you take it seriously? Get lost in the fun and hectic nature of an on-rails shooter that you never knew your life needed. One of us! One of us!

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