Gabriel Dropout Vol. 10 Review – A Little Filler Never Hurt

Gabriel Dropout Vol. 10 Review – A Little Filler Never Hurt

The Gabriel Dropout series isn’t shy about simply including a few filler chapters. While Volume 9 offered some continuity across summer break, Gabriel Dropout Vol. 10 returns to a more haphazard form of storytelling. However, it’s an undeniably fun read, but don’t expect any significant growth in the characters outside of some fun moments with Raphiel.

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From the opening of Gabriel Dropout Vol. 10, it’s easy to see what kind of volume this will be as Gabriel becomes infected with hiccups and everyone is convinced that she can die from them. Many of the following chapters include this group dynamic where we see the angels and demons work together a bit more. There’s a chapter on hypnotism, losing weight, and even Satanya’s parents. As random as these events are, it does give us an idea of how these characters work together without actually working together. For example, one of the angles may only want to help the demon because they enjoy teasing them. However, it’s evident that they care for each other in a strange way.

I liked the dynamics that the volume provides regarding the overall friendship of the characters, but I can’t say I was too interested in the chapters. Some scenes were funnier than others, but for the most part, I was reading if only to see if something more exciting would happen. A chapter that begins with characters getting chubby is simply about them exercising for the entirety of the chapter; that’s really it. The chapter that stands out the most is one featuring Raphiel in heaven and one staring Satanya’s parents navigating the human world, but everything is forgettable.

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There are plenty of excellent illustrations here as Ukami totally sells the over-dramatized reactions of these characters. Further, we get to see them in a few different outfits, along with Raphiel wearing nothing at all, which I’m not complaining about. Still, the concept just feels like more filler than we’ve seen before, and outside of the group bonding moments, I found nothing really of interest in these chapters.

The brilliance of this manga is that we’re already invested in the happening of these characters, whether the pacing is on or off. This volume is simply more of that, and I can’t really complain about getting exactly what I wanted: More time with the cast. Their personalities just make the stories so charming, and at this point, it feels like the reader is just a part of the group.

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Gabriel Dropout Vol. 10 doesn’t move the series forward, but invested readers will get exactly what they are looking for. It’s been a long road to a respectable ten volumes, so this entry is a heap of group interactions and zany premises. While I would have enjoyed a better resolution for some of the chapters or just more interesting plot points, I simply had fun hanging out with these angels and demons through each panel.

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