Comedic Visual Novel ‘Fureraba: Friend to Lover’ Coming to Switch in the West

Comedic Visual Novel ‘Fureraba: Friend to Lover’ Coming to Switch in the West

NekoNyan announced they will publish the SMEE-developed comedic visual novel Fureraba: Friend to Lover on Nintendo Switch in the west.

Fureraba: Friend to Lover on Switch will launch alongside the Complete Edition on PC, which includes all of the additional content from the Vita version. However, the team is going through an additional QA pass to make sure everything is running smoothly for the product.

Fureraba: Friend to Lover is a comedic visual novel setter around Aoba Kyousuke as he enters his second year in high school. This year he has one plan, get a girlfriend before summer vacation. The story introduces four heroines that the player can romance throughout the game. However, players must put in a lot of interaction into this visual novel as they’ll be deciding who Kyousuke hangs with each day. This will increase the points with them until he is able to confess his love for one of the girls.

Sometimes, the girls will ask a series of questions that the player will need to answer correctly in order to gain affinity with them until they are down to hang out after school. I’m sure you know where this is going. Anyway, the Switch version will most definitely be the all-ages version, but the game does feature a handful of ecchi scenes.

In case you missed, please check out our review of the PC version of the game.

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