Fruitbat Factory Makes 100% Orange Juice, 200% Mixed Juice, and Suguri 2 Free on Steam To Keep You Home

In an attempt to keep gamers home during the Coronavirus outbreak, Fruitbat Factory is continuing to offer free games from the catalog of published titles.

Following last week’s free visual novel weekend, the publisher has returned to give gamers the change to download 100% Orange Juice, 200% Mixed Juice, and Acceleration of SUGURI 2 for free on Steam until March 30, 10 am PT.

“We’re taking part in a global effort to encourage people to stay at home and self-isolate during this difficult time, without adding to their financial stress. This giveaway is the latest step in our ongoing #StayAtHome campaign. All 3 of the giveaway games were chosen primarily for their multiplayer component, and we hope they can provide players entertainment for many days to come.” explains Jakke Elonen, President of Fruitbat Factory

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplay board game where the player rolls dice and collect cards to strategically win during battles. Players will race around the board game and encounter other players and enemies who they’ll need to attack with a dice roll. Stats of the character and cards are taken into consideration when fighting.

200% Orange Juice is a mix of Orange Juice characters from Suguri, Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Sora, and others to create an RPG. The game features a story and many battles with a large catalog of characters.

Acceleration of Suguri 2 is a 1 vs 1 battle game players can fight it out in bullet-hell style matches. The game has both an online and offline mode as well as offers a Story Mode and Arcade Mode.

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