Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Vol. 2 Review – Tying Up Loose Ends

    Title: Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Vol. 2
    Author: Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe
    Release Date: January 11, 2022
    Publisher: VIZ Media

Defeating the Demon Lord is not the end. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Vol. 2 continues the elven mage’s journey through areas she had been before with the hero’s party. In a way, this may be a quest for Frieren to reconnect with the past, but volume 2 starts showing how the aftermath may not just be a tender, bittersweet experience.

Frieren Beyond Journeys End Vol. 2 2

In the first volume, we had already seen the impacts of the journey on Frieren’s life. Though she may not actively talk about it so often, every step of the way had small memories, people whose lives were forever changed, and those who knew nothing of what was going on back then. Life goes on, but it’s not as simple for someone who has experienced the past like Frieren.

And this isn’t a matter of time length. To Frieren, the journey was very brief, and she’ll continue living on for much longer. It’s about how these short moments were still strong enough to carve memories into her soul. There’s no way for her to forget how much the hero’s party molded her as a person. Their legacy still lives on wherever she goes.

Frieren Beyond Journeys End Vol. 2 1

And yet she must move onward. As she and Fern try to reach the lands that were once the territory of the demon lord, they make a new friend along the way. This warrior called Stark proves to be a handy ally and enjoyable new addition to the party. His personality isn’t reliable, but I’m willing to bet he is someone to trust nonetheless, considering everything that happened in Vol. 2.

Some essential plot revelations at the latter chapters of the volume stir the story in an interesting direction. So far, we’ve seen how much the hero’s party changed the lives of many people along the way, but the remnants of the Demon King’s army still live.

Frieren Beyond Journeys End Vol. 2 3

As they travel through the barrier to the northern lands, they find a town where demons are on a diplomatic mission. Naturally, Frieren gets agitated as they were always considered the enemy. However, the manga manages to make it initially hard to grasp if there’s an actual danger they need to be wary of or if it’s just a mindset reminiscent of the past.

The last bits are thrilling and reveal deeper truths about the demons, their current situation, and Frieren’s abilities and impact on the war. Considering the tone, it’s very likely that Vol. 3 will be packed with action and an exhilarating ride while not forgetting to flesh out the story.

Frieren Beyond Journeys End Vol. 2 4

The tribulations have just started. Frieren’s new journey with Fern and Stark will still have to deal with many loose ends. As comforting and bittersweet as looking into the past has been so far, it can’t be all. As people with power, they need to act for the sake of a better future.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Vol. 2 shows a surprisingly action-packed future on the way of our party of adventurers. While looking back into the original journey from when the hero’s party slew the Demon King, they will have to do their part against a significant challenge.


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