Freaked Fleapit is a Rhythm Waifu Fever Dream – Go Straight to Horny Jail, Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect $200

During PAX West 2023, we met up with Critical Reflex to check out the Finch Bird Studio-developed rhythm adventure Freaked Fleapit.

Freaked Fleapit has players assume the role of a young boy known as “Newbie” among his peers. A peculiar twist of fate finds his soul separated from his body, stranded within the confines of an abandoned movie theater. However, this seemingly innocuous cinema serves as nothing less than a purgatory, with doors leading to various circles of hell.

The story delves into the enigmatic connection between Newbie and his tie, and the consequences of venturing through these hellish circles are dire. The journey entails navigating each circle to the rhythm of the music, with every misstep progressively tightening the noose around Newbie’s neck, threatening to pull him back.

Amid this haunting journey, Newbie may encounter girls in need of assistance, some of whom might even become potential romantic interests. The choices made in these encounters will significantly impact Newbie’s path to escape from this eerie place, adding depth to the narrative.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Freaked Fleapit.

You can watch our interview below:

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