Story Branching Mystery Adventure ‘Frank and Drake’ Announced for PC; 2022 Release, Screenshots

During Day 2 of the Indie Live Expo event, developer Appnormals Team and publisher Chorus Worldwide Games announced their mystery adventure, Frank and Drake.

Protagonists Frank and Drake become roommates, working together to uncover a conspiracy that threatens them both. Frank is the super of an apartment block, worried his sanity is fading, while Drake is a nightowl due to being allergic to the day, resulting in the duo only communicating via nightly letters. Taking place in the fictional American city of Oriole City, players will have to solve various puzzles and countless secrets.

This title boasts “traditional 2D art combined with hand-drawn animations overlaid frame-by-frame over filmed footage” for further immersion regarding Frank’s and Drake’s stories. Further, the narrative has multiple endings, with choices mattering in the grand scheme of events. Multiple playthroughs are required to see all of what this game offers.

Frank and Drake is releasing for consoles and PC via Steam later this year.

You can view officially provided screenshots via our gallery below:

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