Puzzle Adventure ‘Forward To The Sky’ Shows Off Switch Gameplay in New Trailer

Cosen has launched a trailer for the HorngYeuan Digital-developed adventure puzzle game, Forward To The Sky, coming to Nintendo Switch on February 25, 2021.

Interestingly, the developer is charging $48.99 for the Switch version when the game is $7.99 on Steam. The Switch release includes additional level, bosses, and Japanese audio for the game’s two characters. Still, I’ve heard of paying the Nintendo tax before, but this is a little much. It’s actually cheaper to buy it on the Japanese Switch eShop, which comes to a little more than $42.

A new trailer highlights Forward To The Sky’s Switch gameplay, which doesn’t seem too different compared to the game’s PC version from 2015. Players get the chance to preview the game’s puzzle adventure elements and some of the enemies that they’ll face.

Forward To The Sky has players take on the adventure of becoming a hero as a princess rides a hot air balloon into the sky tower. There’s a rumor that by collecting the crystals within the tower, the witch’s lair will be revealed, and the history of the place will be discovered. The princess, who is more of a tomboy, takes up this challenge to fight through all the monsters with her sword and take on anything that stands in her way.

Forward To The Sky features English and Japanese audio along with three difficulty choices. There are also options for a monster wave game and a tower run version, including collecting more crystals.

Forward To The Sky is available now on PC-via Steam.

You can watch the new trailer for Forward To The Sky to view Switch gameplay below:

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