Forspoken Updated on PS5 & PC For Fixes & Optimization

Square Enix has announced that their recently released open-world action adventure, Forspoken by Luminous Productions, has been patched to implement various technical updates.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game’s PlayStation 5.

The full list of provided patch notes is viewable below:

Technical Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the camera moves unintentionally when certain Xinput devices are used as the controller. (PC version)
  • Fixed an issue where the FSR setting automatically changes to Normal upon restarting the game when the FSR, DLSS, and 3D Resolution are set to a certain setting. (PC version)
  • Fixed an issue where the game shows unintended behavior when PlayStation 5’s DualSense Edge wireless controller is connected to the PC. (PC version)
  • Various minor fixes.

Feature Updates:

  • The text font for Traditional/Simplified Chinese has been changed.
  • The system text that displays when certain items are unlocked has been updated.
  • The system text accompanied by Patch 1.03’s mouse config bug fix update will be now displayed in all languages.
  • Minor optimization for certain features.

These changes also apply to the game’s demo. For additional details, such as version update numbers across each storefront, you can check out Square Enix’s official website.

Forspoken 2

Forspoken follows Frey as she enters Athia for the first time after being transported from New York City. She then discovers a magical, sentient bracelet has wrapped around her arm. With her new companion, named “Cuff,” Frey navigates the mysterious and sprawling landscapes of Athia in her search for a way home. Forspoken has been designed specifically for the PlayStation 5 and takes advantage of the console to create a game that feels like an authentic next-gen experience.

In the world of Forspoken, the last remaining bastion of the Athians is Cipal, where the protagonist, Frey, can interact with citizens following the strife that has led to this scenario, the Break. Quests can be accepted, and trading can occur within this area that functions as the game’s hub area. Pilgrim’s Refuges can be found throughout the world as well, where one can partake in crafting and upgrading.

Frey can parkour around the map, providing cathartic movement, one of the prominent factors for the title’s identity. Belfries can be found as points of interest to get a better lay of the land. Combat comprises magic ranging in type coupled with traps that can meld with all sorts of skills to create devastating effects.

Forspoken is now available on PlayStation 5 and PC. Additionally, the Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Story DLC will be available Summer 2023.

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