Flowers -Le volume sur hiver- Brings The Final Season of The Yuri Series West This June

JAST USA has announced the release date for Flowers -Le volume sur hiver-. The visual novel is the final game in Innocent Grey’s Flowers series, which also includes three other titles based on the year seasons (printemps, été, and automne). The conclusion to the story will be available in the West on June 18, and preorders are already open with a 10% discount on JAST Store. It’ll also be available on Steam.

The title’s limited physical edition is available for pre-order via J-list, for $44.99 and a Winter 2022 shipment is planned. This package contains the following inclusions:

  • The game on DVD-ROM
  • Three acrylic figures (3.5 inches high) with stands
  • Four single-sided laminated postcards showing illustrations and backgrounds from the game (display them behind the figures)
  • Steam key

After the events of past seasons, protagonist Suoh Shirahane is close to finally shedding light on the disappearance of her Amitié partner Mayuri Kohsaka. She’s now the president of the Council of Nicaea and the truth is close to her grasp now. However, what awaits her is a harsh, challenging path.

As the winter’s cold winds come to the isolated halls of Saint Angraecum Academy, Suoh will have to count with her friends’ help. The story promises a chance for the girl to grow as she faces heartache and trauma to reveal what’s buried deep into the heart of the story.

Screenshots can be viewed below:

Flowers is written by Hatsumi Shimizu, who has also worked on The Curse of Kudan and Yumeutsutsu. The beautiful character artwork is done by Miki Sugita, whose other works include multiple Innocent Grey games and especially the Kara no Shoujo series.

If you previously missed out on it, check out our review of the third game, Le volume sur automne.

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