Yuri Visual Novel ‘Flowers -Le volume sur automne-‘ Gets PC Release Date in the West

JAST USA announced they will publish the Innocent Grey-developer yuri visual novel Flowers -Le volume sur automne- on PC-via JAST USA and Steam on July 30.

Flowers -Le volume sur automne- is the third entry in the “Flowers” series. Currently, there are four entries in total which each revolve around one of the four seasons. The story centers around Yuzuriha Yatsushiro, the president of the school’s council of Nicaea, who knows the truth hidden within the school. She is set on preventing Suoh from reaching that secret by giving her a nearly impossible test: take over the role of president, and she’ll hand over the key to what she desires.

However, it just so happens that Yuzuriha is harboring her own secret. As the season passes, strange incidents continue to plague the isolated Saint Angraecum Academy that becomes entangled by an intricate story of love and truth.

Flowers -Le volume sur automne- is an all-ages yuri visual that features an all-female cast of characters. The game features several endings based on the choices that players make during the dialogue. Although there are romance scenes, the game also focuses on a mystery that has been building up in the series.

The publisher also released the opening movie showing some of the characters and CGs.

You can watch the trailer and check out some screenshots below:

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