Floppy Knights Boots Up Next Quarter

During today’s [email protected] indie showcase event, Rose City Games premiered a trailer for their new and upcoming turn-based deck-builder, Floppy Knights.

In Floppy Knights, you take on the role of Phoebe, a brilliant programmer with a robot arm she invented, named Carlton. Phoebe wants to win the Gadget Cup by using the titular Floppy Knights, who are projections of little creatures who can do battle, all while her parents bug her to “get a real job.”

Floppy Knights features tactical turn-based combat that relies on a deck of Phoebe’s own inventions, which can do a variety of things from battling to healing. You use these cards to battle Troublemakers, BeheMoths, and Phoebe’s own rival, Alex.

Marlowe Dobbe, Floppy Knights Creative Director, commented on the reveal: “From the catchy tunes and quirky story to the playful art style, everything in Floppy Knights was designed to create a special gaming experience. There’s drama, comedy, action, and lots of fun. We can only hope people enjoy the gameplay as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

If the trailer is anything to go off of, it seems like the game will have a memorable soundtrack, composed by Grahm Nesbitt of Garden Story.

Floppy Knights is set to release for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in Q2 of 2022, which is April-June. If this game appeals to you, you may also be interested in Whalefall, which was announced during the same showcase.

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