Five Visual Novels That We Didn’t Read for Their Story Released in 2021

Look, there were plenty of visual novels released in 2021. Throughout the year, we saw everything from beautiful romance to demonic demon tentacles. However, we decided to provide a few releases that we never thought would have a groundbreaking story. In fact, we mostly only played because of the cute characters and content.

Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away (PC)

Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away

You’d think there would be more visual novels about forming a relationship based solely on physical interaction, while others take a comedic approach to this. Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away gives us a story where the heroine doesn’t want to label things, so our protagonist finds himself in a friends-with-benefits situation. Where the story falls flat, the game is definitely going to satisfy someone’s kink.

HaremKingdom (PC)


The legendary harem route turns into an entire visual novel as HaremKingdom presents a fantasy story where the protagonist gets all the girls. There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before, but the writing and characters make this visual novel something more. Sure, we’re only here for the harem scenes, which can be chosen by the player after the common route, but some players might get more out of it.

Love Sweets (PC)

Love Sweets

Sometimes, the only motivation to get a job is to be able to work with cute girls and romance them. Well, that’s the premise of Love Sweets, at least. However, where this story lacks a unique premise, it makes up for it through vivid visuals and lots of h-scenes. There’s quality here, trust us, but if you’re looking for emotional immersion, you might want to read something else. Regardless, you can deny these characters aren’t cute.

Sugar * Style (PC)

Sugar Style

Okay, Sugar * Style has a generic plot. Whatever. This story has heart and lots of romance scenes for players to dive into and experience across multiple playthroughs. It’s a game that pushes comedic writing and character interactions, leading to romance and more physical scenes. The tropes aren’t trying to break the mold here; we’re just trying to have fun with cute anime girls.

OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes (PC)

OPPAI Academy Big Bouncy Booby Babes 3

The title says it all here, and OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes doesn’t try to do anything but satisfy all of your degenerate needs in the h-department. It lacks any type of real story development as you simply choose the sexual experience that you desire. If that’s not enticing enough, each character has a route with their mom, and there are added routes for side characters. This is a game that knows what it is, and that’s all we could have asked for.

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