First 3 Digimon Movies Re-Release Announced; Includes New Dub by Original Voice Cast & Japanese Music

Digimon has an exciting new announcement for fans who remember watching the original series as it aired for the first time in the West. Soon, the first three original short films will receive full Western releases for the first time ever.

While originally spliced together to make Digimon the Movie, these films needed to cut several scenes. These cuts changed the tone of the three movies and the overall plot to make it a single cohesive film.

This footage added up to around 40 minutes that Western viewers never got to see. This re-release for the new dub will also include the original music from the Japanese series, which means fans will hear “Butter-Fly” at least once in this collection.

Further, the three films will be redubbed with the original Digimon voice cast from the original movie and series. However, fans of the original film will not be disappointed since, to coincide with this release, the original cut of Digimon the Movie will be included in this collection, making it the first time the movie with the original dub intact has been released in an HD format.

There is currently no release date for this collection, but follow-up tweets have said it’s slated for sometime later this year.

Check out the trailer below in the original tweet from Discotek Media:

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