Fire Emblem Three Houses, New Details and Release Date Confirmed

During the latest Nintendo Direct, a new collection of details were unveiled about the latest game in the long-running strategy RPG series Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Playing as a new self-insert protagonist, you take the role of a mercenary who has been given an offer to teach at the ‘Officer’s Academy’. The academy is located in a Monastery surrounded by three main kingdoms, and students taught there will be taught the skills to protect the continent.


The Academy is broken up into the titular ‘three houses’, each house for students of a particular nation. These houses are:

  • The Black Eagles, for students of the Adrestian Empire, led by the future heir Edelgard.
  • The Blue Lions, for students of the Kingdom of Faerghus, led by Prince Dimitri.
  • The Golden Deer, for students of the Leicester Allicance, led by the son of the ruling family, Claude.

As the professor, you must choose one of these houses and train the students in combat. You’ll take them on class assignments with very real stakes and, in classic Fire Emblem tradition, not all the students may return alive. Unlike classic Fire Emblem tradition, you’ll be able to kit out and customize all of your students and teach them the skills so they can have different classes. Usually, characters are locked to a specific couple of classes, but in Three Houses, each one starts as almost a blank slate that can learn traits, such as the ability to become a cavalry or armored unit and learn various kinds of weapons or magic. Interestingly, this includes using gauntlets as a weapon type, which hasn’t been used before by the player in the franchise. You will be, however, able to promote your students to classic Fire Emblem classes, once they have gained the experience and training necessary.


Supports or Bonds will reappear in this game in some fashion, and they will give your students extra stat boosts or skills during battle. It looks like the game will have its own spin on the mechanic that hasn’t been used in the franchise before, but it is left unexplained. The special edition version of the game, the Seasons of Warfare edition, will include an artbook, a steelbook case, a sound selection CD, and a 2020 calendar.

Special Edition

Fire Emblem Three Houses has been confirmed for a release on July 26 on the Nintendo Switch. We’ll keep our eyes open for information as it releases.

Author’s Take: Wowee, I didn’t know what to think of this when I first saw the trailer but rewatching it to write this has made me really excited. Its certainly a new step for the franchise and it looks like a super fun strategy game. It has a really strong ‘Trails of Cold Steel’ vibe to it, and I need to find out more of the nuances that this title will use in its combat and training segments. The one thing that’s bugging me is that the animation is a solid step down from ‘Shadows of Valentia’ in which every strike had a lot of weight behind and was extremely smooth. This looks rather janky and I hope it is improved upon.

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