New Fire Emblem Engage Wave 4 DLC Trailer, Launching April 2023; Includes New Fell Xenologue Story

Nintendo has shared a new trailer for the post-launch DLC content of their tactical JRPG, Fire Emblem Engage. This new video announces that the game’s Wave 4 of DLC will launch on April 5, 2023.

Players can look forward to new characters, locations, maps, class types, and the Fell Xenologue story scenario.

The following DLC characters were introduced by the Twitter account:

According to the official website, characters will always return to the party even after dying in this story, regardless of whether you’re on Classic or Casual Mode. Battles will also be more challenging and have additional restrictions. The Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer Classes were revealed, too. They can be utilized after clearing the DLC scenario.

For more detailed coverage of various facets regarding this new entry, check out our extensive round-up article. Each returning hero from previous games is discussed, including their originating titles, battle skills, and tangentially related facets.

This game follows the new protagonist Alear after their mother, Lumiere, seemingly perishes and imparts them with the mission of utilizing special rings to bring peace to the world.

These rings summon notable heroes from other Fire Emblem titles, including fan favorites like Lyn, Corrin, Marth, and Byleth. And aside from granting evident gameplay benefits and alterations, they also converse with the new Engage characters, acting as vehicles for potential growth. Gameplay this time around is more akin to the series’ past, but various minigames are still included to keep events fresh.

You can view the new Fire Emblem Engage DLC trailer below:

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