Fire Emblem Engage Introduces New Characters, Four Hounds & Firene Kingdom; Story Trailer Screenshots

Fire Emblem Engage Introduces New Characters, Four Hounds & Firene Kingdom; Story Trailer Screenshots

Nintendo has shared a plethora of new information regarding their upcoming tactical JRPG, Fire Emblem Engage.

NOTE: Some names and terms might differ in the official English localization.

Firstly, a new unit has been introduced; Boucheron, another palace knight of the Firene Kingdom. He’s described as kind and polite with a notably built physique. Further, his starting class is the Axe-Fighter, which boasts high strength while suffering from fragile defenses.


Boucheron has received two gameplay clips; one of combat and another of conversation. You can view these unveiled gameplay clips below:

New information directly correlating to the trailer was also released via the official Japanese Twitter account. The lady who seemingly perishes is Lumiere, the protagonist’s mother. Additionally, the protagonist’s official name is Alear. Alear was asleep for 1,000 years in the Land of Lythos but was suddenly struck by an unknown party. In response, Lumiere protected their child and entrusted them with the task of gathering the rings to achieve world peace.

A newly introduced organization is the Four Hounds, which is working from the shadows to resurrect the Fell Dragon Sombre. To better complete their objective, they cooperate with Elusia, a country that worships the Fell Dragon, to attack the protagonist and their allies.

The Kingdom of Firene has been formally introduced as well. It is a philanthropic country in the southwestern region of Elyos and is ruled by Queen Eve. Yearning for peaceful co-existence, it is allied with the neighboring countries of Brodia and Solm. The first prince of the kingdom, Alfred, requires the assistance of Alear, the Divine Dragon, leading to the two making their way toward Firene.

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Fire Emblem Engage is releasing for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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