Fire Emblem Engage Introduces the Iconic Descendant, Tiki

Fire Emblem Engage Introduces the Iconic Descendant, Tiki

The official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account has been introducing new characters for the recently announced Fire Emblem Engage, alongside sharing new gameplay clips. Today, the franchise staple Tiki was introduced.

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Tiki is a character who frequently appears in other Fire Emblem games, and she has descended from the Divine Dragons. However, she seems to have lost some of her memories here. As an Emblem, her Synchro Skill allows for more efficient stat gains during level-ups, and her weapon enables greater likelihoods for critical hits.

Further, her Engage Skill lets her battle in her dragon form, significantly raising her stats. Lastly, her Engage Attack grants an auto-revive to a single chosen unit.

Tiki has received a conversation clip and numerous tweets detailing her capabilities:

Fire Emblem Engage is releasing for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

This game follows the new protagonist Alear after their mother, Lumiere, seemingly perishes and imparts them with the mission of utilizing special rings to bring peace to the world.

These rings summon notable heroes from other Fire Emblem titles, including fan favorites such as Lyn, Corrin, Marth, and Byleth. And aside from granting evident gameplay benefits and alterations, they also converse with the new Engage characters, acting as vehicles for potential growth.

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The title recently sold over 1 million units worldwide.

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