Fire Emblem Engage Introduces the Coalesced Capabilities of Edelgard, Claude & Dimitri

Fire Emblem Engage Introduces the Coalesced Capabilities of Edelgard, Claude & Dimitri

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Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are contained within a singular ring. At the start of a turn, one of them randomly spawns, but regardless of who’s present, their Synchro Skill will enhance experience gain to 120%.

Edelgard’s-specific Synchro Skill will enkindle the tile the foe is standing on, as well as surrounding ones. Dimitri’s-specific Synchro Skill completely negates damage originating from at least two tiles away. Lastly, Claude’s-specific Synchro Skill will coat the user’s attack in Poison, affecting the directly impacted and nearby foes. Moreover, the three’s weapon Smashes enemy units and is highly effective against Dragons.

The three’s Engage Skill exchanges the turn count of the Engage effect to utilize a special technique from Claude, Edelgard, or Dimitri. Lastly, their Engage Attack uses weapons from the three’s combined arsenal. It’s also worth noting that this unit is DLC-only.


Edelgard, Claude, and Dimitri have received several tweets detailing their coalesced capabilities:

Fire Emblem Engage is releasing for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

This game follows the new protagonist Alear after their mother, Lumiere, seemingly perishes and imparts them with the mission of utilizing special rings to bring peace to the world.

These rings summon notable heroes from other Fire Emblem titles, including fan favorites such as Lyn, Corrin, Marth, and Byleth. And aside from granting evident gameplay benefits and alterations, they also converse with the new Engage characters, acting as vehicles for potential growth.

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