New Fire Emblem Engage Interview Reveals Over 1,300 Fully Voiced Bond Conversations & Discusses The Significance of Choice

Nintendo has published the third and final part of an interview they conducted with members of the Intelligent System staff behind the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage, featuring Director Tsutomu Tei, Producer Masahiro Higuchi, Nintendo Producer Genki Yokota, and Nintendo Director Kenta Nakanishi.

Throughout this final part of the interview, the team discusses how difficulty balancing was one of the most challenging aspects of this game’s development since Engaging with Emblems was decided to occur at the very start. A delicate balance had to be struck regarding flashy appeal from the outset and actual thought-provoking maps requiring players to tactically utilize their boons. Additionally, it’s alluded that there were several points where the Engage mechanic would be introduced later.

Moreover, to help in not making the Rings housing legacy characters not simply be perceived as mere objects, the bonding and conversations that occur outside of battle are emphasized. Several gameplay-related benefits also arise from viewing these scenes, so the relationships between stat and character growth are a significant facet of the experience. In fact, there are about 650 conversations between the characters and 1,300 conversations with the Emblem cast. Plus, they’re all fully voiced.

Lastly, the series’ staple element of choice is at the crux of Fire Emblem Engage, letting every player experience the game in whatever manner they deem fit. Further, the more hardcore modes were crafted to appeal to franchise veterans, so there’s definitely something for everyone. For more insights, check out the full interview.

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Fire Emblem Engage is releasing for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

This game follows the new protagonist Alear after their mother, Lumiere, seemingly perishes and imparts them with the mission of utilizing special rings to bring peace to the world.

These rings summon notable heroes from other Fire Emblem titles, including fan favorites such as Lyn, Corrin, Marth, and Byleth. And aside from granting evident gameplay benefits and alterations, they also converse with the new Engage characters, acting as vehicles for potential growth.

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