Fire Emblem Engage Introduces Fell Dragon’s Home of Gradlon; Four Hound Antagonists Zephia & Marni

The official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account has been introducing new characters for the recently announced Fire Emblem Engage, alongside sharing new gameplay clips. Today, antagonists Zephia and Marni were introduced alongside the land of Gradlon.

NOTE: Some names and terms might differ in the official English localization.

A thousand years ago, the Fell Dragon soared from the now-destroyed land of Gradlon, striking and invading Elyos. However, following such catastrophic events, the creature is now sealed deep within the seabed of the Holy Land of Lythos in the center of the continent via the combined power of the Emblem Rings and Divine Dragon.


Zephia is the leader of the previously introduced antagonistic group, the Four Hounds, who are all planning on resurrecting the Fell Dragon. Further, she is also a descendant of the Demon Dragon Clan, individuals with lengthy lifespans lasting thousands upon thousands of years. Zephia has been slyly plotting and planning behind the scenes to acquire the Emblem Rings said to make her group’s collective wish feasible.


Marni is a confident yet admittedly temperamental armored knight also part of the Four Hounds seeking to revive the Fell Dragon. Moreover, despite her charming appearance, she tends to feel significant disdain toward others due to her immense strength.

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Zephia and Marni have both received one cutscene clip, viewable below:

Fire Emblem Engage is releasing for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

This game follows the new protagonist Alear after their mother, Lumiere, seemingly perishes and imparts them with the mission of utilizing special rings to bring peace to the world.

These rings summon notable heroes from other Fire Emblem titles, including fan favorites such as Lyn, Corrin, Marth, and Byleth. And aside from granting evident gameplay benefits and alterations, they also converse with the new Engage characters, acting as vehicles for potential growth.

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The title recently sold over 1 million units worldwide.

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