Final ‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC ‘Episode Ardyn’ gets Launch Trailer

Final ‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC ‘Episode Ardyn’ gets Launch Trailer

At long last, the story of Square Enix’s long running entry of Final Fantasy XV has come to a close with the release of the final dlc chapter, Episode Ardyn. To commemorate said release, Square Enix have released a launch trailer showcasing the dlc in all of its magenta glory.

Episode Ardyn is a spoileriffic dlc chapter starring the titular villain allowing you to experience the events that led to his quest to destroy the royal line of Lucius. Players will be able to take control of the hammy villain as he single-handedly decimates hordes of enemies from any angle within the city of Insomnia.

The DLC has some rewards that will transfer to the main game upon completion, which include an outfit and a unique weapon for Noctis. However, you don’t actually need the main game to play Episode Ardyn, as  the episode is also available as a standalone title. You can view the trailer below.

Japanese lyricist, Lotus Juice, of Persona fame, was behind the composition and vocals of the episode’s battle theme, ‘Conditioned to Hate’.

Final Fantasy XV and Episode Ardyn are available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, Steam and Origin).

Author’s Take: I’ll point out this DLC is $10, so I seriously doubt it’s going to get a ton of sales. Unless I’m underestimating the volume of dedicated Final Fantasy fans. I probably am.  Also, holy hell it’s on the Origin store, I legitimately forgot that was a thing that existed.

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