Final Fantasy XVI State of Play Analysis — Lore, Combat Abilities, Profiles & More

After the latest State of Play for Final Fantasy XVI, I thought breaking it down across its 25-minute runtime would be fun. This showcase contains a shocking amount of lore-heavy and fluff text quickly scrolled by, so I have written it all down.

Following producer Naoki Yoshida welcoming watchers to the showcase, the first bit of in-game footage we see has Clive Rosfield in his 20s as he’s at the start of a mission with three other individuals, the Bastards, tasked with finding their target, Shiva’s Dominant, Jill Warrick. More details on this scenario are provided via easily missable text near the end of the stream.

The Sargeant of the Bastards calls Clive “Wyvern,” which may be a codename of sorts for secrecy. Regardless, Clive is crucial for this mission’s success. It’s also a bit difficult to make this out at the start, but one of the three guys in these shots seems to be Cidolfus (Cid), who welcomes Clive to, assumedly, the exterior of his Hideaway in the next cutaway.

Afterward, the narrator explains the basics while a bunch of footage plays. A bit of Cid’s Hideaway is showcased before combat as Teen Clive is highlighted, with a playable Joshua Rosfield revealed afterward. Considering how he dies in Clive’s youth, this playable segment is likely very brief, especially apparent given how Joshua looks exhausted from casting a single fire-related spell. It’s also worth emphasizing that Clive’s teen years will be a fully playable flashback, meaning the game will likely begin in his 20s.

FF16 1

Then, aside from Eikonic bouts, a one-on-one duel between Clive and Titan Dominant Hugo Kupka is revealed. Most notably, Clive guards or parries one of Hugo’s attacks, causing time to freeze. This may be due to an accessibility accessory, or it’s related to a learnable ability.

A scene of the last of the three guys Clive was with earlier, Biast, shows him getting unceremoniously crushed by falling debris, illustrating the unapologetically grim and more realistic take on death this entry is pursuing.

The pause screen is shown a while after, specifically in the Attributes menu. Clive is at level 21 here, and aside from having the accessibility accessories equipped, there’s nothing else of significance until the Gear & Eikons menu is scrolled to. Interstingly, Stagger is its own separate stat, on the same degree of prominence as HP, Attack, and Defense, so knowing how to break enemies must be indescribably vital.

For just a second, a weapon description is present:

Invictus 165 Attack & 165 Stagger

One of a set of seven swords said to have been forged in the flames of Mt. Drustanus, Invictus has been passed down through generations for use by the Archduke’s family and his closest Shields. Archduke Elwin presented Invictus to Rodney Murdoch on the day he was promoted to Lord Commander of the Ducal Army.

The Abilities menu is scrolled to next, with none of the skills being shown. However, according to the HUD, holding the touchpad will reset all abilities, and holding down L3 will automatically equip recommended abilities. The System menu doesn’t have much in the one window they showed, though Tutorials have their own dedicated section.

Next, the map has more official text:

The Hideaway
Central Storm Deadlands

Though nigh impossible to tell from the outside, the Fallen construct’s interior is surprisingly well-maintained and provides the realm’s forsaken a place to live in relative peace.

To the immediate east of The Hideaway is a location called the Orabelle Downs, but the cursor moves by too quickly for anything else to be revealed. There is another profiled locale just to the north, though:

Central Sanbreque

It is around the timeworn remnants of a Fallen airship that the residents of Lostwing carve their meager existence, refusing to leave despite the imminent threat of the ever-expanding deadlands.

FF16 2

Pressing Square will list nearby quests, with these being “Welcoming Committee” and “Dying on the Vine.” And then there’s another highlighted area just to the east.

Northern Sanbreque

Their stake claimed in the shadow of Oriflamme’s formidable gatehouse, the markets of Northreach attract customers from across the empire.

Moving on, the far west of the prior area has the:

Central Rosaria

A once-proud village all but abandoned following the heartless slaughter of her people.

Next up:

Martha’s Rest
Central Rosaria

Atop a rocky tor overlooking the countryside nests Martha and her flock, offering well-earned respite to all who would make the climb.

Nearby quests for this place are “False Friends,” “Crystalline Lifeline,” “While the Cat’s Away,” and “Beast Against Beast.”

FF16 3

Another area on the map, shown later on in the showcase at roughly 16:08, is:

Three Reeds
Eastern Rosaria

Rising waters transformed once-fertile farmland into a noisome morass, rendering it nigh uninhabitable to all but leeches and lizards.

During the following sequence briefly showcasing various locales, one segment shows Clive riding a Chocobo, which the official Twitter account revealed to be named Ambrosia. Additionally, it is shown to drift, allowing for smoother and swifter turns.

Now that we’re at the combat, a friend of mine, Ir0n_Agr0, compiled every encounter throughout this State of Play and organized them all based on Clive’s level, except for the Eikon fights since levels aren’t shown there. The Eikons Clive has with him are also put in parentheses.

  • Level 5 Young Clive vs. Marlboro (only Phoenix) 
  • Level 7 Young Clive vs. Dragoon (only Phoenix)
  • Level 16 Clive and Jill vs. Republican war panther (only Phoenix)
  • Level 11 Same as below, but now with (Phoenix, Titan, and Garuda)
  • Level 12 Clive and Cid in forest vs. Midnight Raven (Clive in old outfit, only Phoenix)
  • Level 15 Clive vs. wind elementals where Ifrit fights Garuda (old outfit, only Phoenix and Garuda)
  • Level 16 Clive vs. Minotaur (old outfit)
  • Level 11 Clive in old outfit vs. Fafnier (only Phoenix and Garuda)
  • Level 19 Clive and Jill on an elevator (Has phoenixGaruda and Ramuh)
  • Level 19 Clive fighting Cray Claw in a forest (only has Garuda and Phoenix)
  • Level 19 Same location as above Clive vs. Minotaur in a Forest (Phoenix, Garuda, Shiva)
  • Level 19 Same location as above Clive vs. Death Blossoms (Only Phoenix and Shiva)
  • Level 19 Same location as above Clive (and Jill this time) vs. Wivre (Garuda, Titan, Ramuh)
  • Level Clive vs. “Infernal Eikon” (Phoenix, Garuda, Shiva)
  • Level 21 Clive at Cid’s base 
  • Level 21 Clive in the lab (Phoenix and Garuda)
  • Level 21 Clive, Cid, and Jill vs. dragon (phoenix, Shiva, and Ramuh)
  • Level 23 Same location as #3 (which by the dead bodies on the floor takes place after this) Clive and Jill vs. stone Commandants in a castle (Garuda, Shiva, Bahamut)
  • Level 24 Clive and Jill vs. Ironblood Commander (Ramuh, Odin, Shiva)
  • Level Clive vs. Liquid Flame (Shiva, Ramuh, and Garuda)
  • Level 26 Clive and Jill vs. Stone Gaolers in (castle ruins?) (Bahamut, Titan, Ramuh)
  • Level 26 Same as above but vs. Stone Scimitars
  • Clive vs. Hugo (Odin, Garuda, and Phoenix)
  • Level 28 Clive in Desert vs Salamander (Garuda, Ramuh, phoenix) 
  • Level 30 Same location as above but with Jilll and vs. Legg eaters (Phoenix, Garuda, Titan)
  • Level 30 Clive fighting Footpads in a destroyed desert town (Titan)
  • Level 30 Clive and Jill vs. Fallen Hunters in Fallen Ruins (Odin, Bahamut, and Shiva)
  • Level 30 Same as above, but only Odin and Shiva
  • Level 36 Clive and Jill in an elevator fight with Control Node and Aurum Giant (Bahamut, Phoenix, and Ramuh)
  • Level 37 Clive vs. Barnabas (Titan, Garuda, and Phoenix)

FF16 4

With Ramuh equipped, Clive gains access to an ability called Blind Justice that is highly reminiscent of the Shotlock mechanic seen in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, 0.2, and III.

Garuda’s ability is Deadly Embrace. Titan’s ability is Titantic Block, acting as a counter, perhaps loosely akin to the Olympus Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts III. Zantetsuken and Gungnir have returned, with a new ability, Heaven’s Cloud, reminding me of Chaos Blade from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Judgment Cut from Devil May Cry.

Shiva’s ability is Cold Snap, Phoenix’s is Phoenix Shift, and Bahamut has Wings of Light. Bahamut also has Flare Breath, acting like a flame cannon of sorts that keeps enemies at bay. Curiously, Dia appears as a battle command, an uncommonly implemented White Mage spell from the series that deals damage to the undead.

Wings of Light has Clive shoot out projectiles from his hand while countless others rain on the focused enemies. With Shiva, Cold Snap seems to be an AOE activated by hitting the trigger at the right time in a ring.

Ifrit has an ability called Arm of Darkness, granting Clive a considerably-sized sword that can be sheathed. Deadly Embrace is an aerial knock-down maneuver. A good deal of other abilities are utilized throughout this montage, like Giga Flare, but they all seem self-explanatory.

When the menu is opened again, the Eikons can each have up to two active abilities equipped and set to the Square and Triangle face buttons.

FF16 5

Another highlighted weapon is:

Platinum Sword – 200 Attack & 200 Stagger

Platinum makes for a poor blade, being too soft to withstand rigorous use in battle and too expensive for the common soldier to afford. It does, however, allow for ornate designs on crossguard, hilt and pommel, where the rare metal is most often employed.

Then we’re taken to the ability menu, where each Eikon has its own wheel of learnable skills. And up to three Eikons are able to be set.

We see the following ability under Ifrit for 100 ability points, ranked 1 and 2 out of five stars for strength and stagger, respectively:


Summon a storm of fireballs that circle about Clive, damaging nearby targets, while also absorbing damage.

Abilities like this can then be upgraded, with a massive 600 Ability Points now required to do so for this one.

On the exterior of Ifrit’s wheel, lacking any strength and stagger attributes but only costing 40 Ability Points is:


Use R2 + Touchpad to pull the attention of an enemy target.

This seems to have no upgrades available afterward, which makes sense.

FF16 6

Next up under Ifrit, with half a star out of five for attack and stagger and only 25 Ability Points, is:

Burning Blade

Hold Square to imbue Clive’s blade with fire. Release to unleash a powerful attack.

Interestingly, this costs 180 Ability Points to master, not simply upgrade. So, not every ability has the same number of achievable levels.

Next, for roughly half a second, another ability is passed over under Ifrit, with half a star out of five for attack and stagger and only 30 Ability Points:


Use X + Square while in the air to slice down.

Now, the far smaller Ramuh ability wheel is perused next. This ability has already been learned, has three out of five stars for both attack and stagger, and costs 660 Ability Points to upgrade:

Pile Drive

Drive Ramuh’s staff into the ground, electrifying all enemies within a radius of the strike.

1,000 Ability Points are required to master this.

Next up is the Shotlock we saw earlier, having one star for attack, two stars for stagger, and 500 Ability Points:

Blind Justice

Launch a barrage of ball lightning at one or more enemies. Targets are determined by locking onto them before executing the ability. Ball lightning will affix itself to a target and be caused to discharge, dealing additional damage, if the target is attacked.

FF16 7

Now, we shift over to the Garuda wheel, with this ability having three attack stars and an impressive five stagger stars, costing 1,540 Ability Points to learn:

Aerial Blast

Summon a tornado that slowly hunts down nearby enemies, and, upon ensaring them, inflicts multiple hits.

After the narrator chooses to auto-learn, he briefly stops on another Ifrit ability that he has learned, with only half a star for both attack and stagger:


Use X + Square to swiftly close in and attack a distant enemy.

Next up, back to Ramuh, with an ability with two attack stars and three stagger stars, costing 525 Ability Points to upgrade:

Lightning Rod

Create a ball of lightning that, upon being struck, chains lightning to other nearby enemies.

Leaving the ability menu and going back to the equipment is an accessory that raises defense by 10:

Badge of Mettle

The strength of a city is defined by the guard that mans it walls. The strength of a city guard is defined by the pride in their hearts, and the laurels on their breasts. This badge provides the wearer with one of the two.

FF16 8

Moving onward, while the accessibility accessories aren’t new, their full descriptions are provided:

Ring of Timely Evasion

Fleetness of foot requires lightning-quick reflexes, eagle-like vision, and razor-sharp focus, not to mention the calves of a puma. That, or this convenient ring.

When equipped, Clive will automatically evade attacks, as long as the attack can be evaded.

Another accessibility accessory:

Ring of Timely Focus

Clearly the darkest of arts were implemented in this ring’s forging. Yet no matter its infernal providence, it does effectively slow time, and that can prove very handy in staying alive.

When equipped, time slows before an evadable enemy attack strikes Clive. No effect when equipped with the ring of timely evasion.

Onto a non-accessibility accessory that increases attack by 7:

Badge of Might

Awarded to soldiers for unparalleled displays of courage on the field of battle. The feeling of accomplishment it enkindles in the recipient’s heart is thought to enhance future performance.


FF16 13

Back to accessibility accessories:

Ring of Timely Strikes

If there were a ring that transformed a novice swordsman’s awkward jerks and jabs into a veritable dance of precisely executed flourishes, one might wonder why every knight in the realm didn’t have one of their own.

When equipped, complex ability combinations can be executed by simply pressing Square.

A non-accessibility accessory that sounds impressive:

Cobalt Tassels

Cobalt is the color of the blade that feeds my pain.
– Traditional battle invocation

Increases limit break generation amount by 6% when taking damage.

I’m not entirely sure what the fluff text means here, but maybe Clive says that line whenever this ability is activated, hence the term invocation.

FF16 10

On the title screen, players can adjust the game’s brightness, subtitles on or off, wireless controller vibration, text language, voice-over language, and game performance.

The accessibility settings have a unique option worth bringing attention to called Visual Alerts. Turning it on will “Enable an on-screen waveform that provides [a] visual representation of in-game sounds and music.” Its size and opacity can be adjusted, too.

The next menu for settings is the gameplay focus players want.

Firstly, is Story-Focused, described as “Begin the game with several accessories that simplify gameplay. Recommended for those players who are less comfortable with action games and wish to focus more on the game’s story elements.

Action-Focused is the other gameplay mode, described with the following: “Begin the game with standard equipment. Recommended for those players who are comfortable with action games.”

Cid is stated to become a mentor to Clive, and Jill will reunite with Clive in his 20s. In addition, several characters can fight alongside Clive, including the aforementioned two and Torgal, who can be given direct commands.

At Cid’s Hideaway, we see two new characters, the second being Goetz, who’s told by the initial girl character to find someone upstairs. Goetz worriedly remarks about someone called Nan before Cid interjects and states he’s taken care of Charon’s fee. I think that’s the name of the first girl you see in this scene. Cid says she’s the “best healer this side of the Belt,” also telling Clive that he has nothing to worry about, implying that someone he knows was recently injured. Perhaps Jill, seeing as she was unconscious and carried into the Hideaway.

FF16 11

Back to shops, with Charon’s Toll:

Imperial Infantry Blade — 75 Strength & 75 Stagger

When a Bearer dies in service of the Sanbrequois imperial army, it is more likely his sword – not his body – will be retrieved from the battlefield, that it might be provisioned to the next unwilling volunteer without additional cost to the crown.

Broadsword – 80 Strength & 80 Stagger

Even in the hands of an untrained soldier, the broadsword can prove a deadly weapon, which is why it remains a popular choice for armies across the Twins. It also doesn’t hurt that the pig iron blades are extremely simple and inexpensive to forge.

For a brief half-second, two Vambrace equipment items are shown:

Imperial Infantry Bracers — 15 Defense

Having deemed shields too costly a resoruce to be wasting on mere Bearer assassins, the Sanbrequois imperial army now provides their frontline pawns with a pair of simple iron bangles that might stop an enemy blade…if the Bearer can raise his arms in time.

Iron Bracers — 20 Defense

Though little more than crude leather straps reinforced with even cruder iron plates, boundless tales of dexterous does-of-derring deftly deflecting dorlachs and redirecting dints with naught but these wristlets have made the equipment a popular choice for those who dream of being a hero but currently lack the monetary means.

We also see the full item description for Potions, which restores 20% of Clive’s maximum HP:

Curative infusions of common herbs found growing throughout Valisthea, potions are administered to most frontline soldiers as an inexpensive and less dramatic alternative to the barber’s blade.

Thankfully, purchasing new equipment will allow you to equip it right away.

Blackthrone, the blacksmith, can upgrade gear with the necessary items. It seems pretty basic, though more mechanics related to it may open later on.

FF16 12

The Arete Stone, accessible from Cid’s Hideaway, has the Hall of Virtue for basic training, an Arcade Mode, Stage Replay, and a ??? option. Several options are available during the Hall of Virtue training, including:

  • Input Display – Display all button inputs on-screen.
  • Action Log – Display action log.
  • Invincibility – No damage is taken.
  • Regen – HP is restored automatically.
  • Unlimited Break – Initiating a Limit Break does not affect the gauge.
  • Limit Break Regen – Limit gauge refills automatically.
  • Torgal – Torgal joins the training.
  • Auto Torgal – Torgal attacks without being given commands.
  • Sic Timing – Displays precise Sic Timing (likely a Torgal command)
  • Burst Timing – Displays magic burst timing.
  • Recast Timers – When on, all ability/feat recast timers are ignored.
  • Battle Performance Auto Reset – Battle performance is reset after defeating an opponent.
  • Enemy Agro – Enemies will attack.
  • Enemy Invincibility – Enemies will not lose HP.

Further, specific enemies can be chosen to be trained against, and they’re all classified with attributes. Aside from a random option, the following enemies are selectable so far:

  • Goblin Mugger – Small/Melee
  • Goblin Weaver – Small/Ranged
  • Gigas – Medium/Melee
  • Wolf – Small/Melee
  • Hornet – Small/Melee
  • Aevis – Medium/Ranged
  • Royal Tognvaldr – Medium/Ranged
  • Elemental – Medium/Ranged
  • Minotaur – Medium/Melee

FF16 14

Sidequests include the following for The Holy Empire of Sanbreque:

  • Welcoming Committee
  • Dying on the Vine

Whereas the Imperial Province of Roasria has the following quests:

  • What a Bird Wants
  • False Friends
  • Crystalline Lifeline
  • While the Cat’s Away
  • Beast Against Beast

After Mid is briefly introduced, a character name that’s a staple in the franchise, Otto’s Counter opens, revealing Donations The Patron’s Whisper, requiring Renown. This appears to be Clive’s reputation, where getting more will allow access to more Donations. At 60 Renown, Clive is known as A Spark of Hope.

Two of these Donations are shown:

Talk of the Teahouse

Your merry band of outlaws and its dashing deeds of derring-do are all the talk amongst the ladies of the court. We have gathered together several items of worth, that you might continue your gallantry. – Heartstruck Dowager

20 Valley Madder, Bloody Hide, and Steelsilk are provided, alongside 400 Ability Points.


Our order is one built upon pride, but that does not mean are too proud to give thanks where thanks is due. We may have failed Martha once, but never again. – The Bloodaxes. Gives 1 Meteorite.

FF16 15

As for the Hunting board, only three jobs of the 11 selectable ones are highlighted:

Ahriman C Rank — South of Sorrowise, Rosaria

A member of the Bloodaxes stationed at Martha’s Rest reported that he had been set upon in the marshes by an otherworldly horror with a single, staring eye. It flew at him on bony bats’ wings, scratching at him with claws black as night, and sharp as razors. Naturally, he fled in terror – but if a battle-hardened Bloodaxe cannot cope with the mere sight of such a creature, what hope do the rest of us have?

Muddy Murder A Rank — Hawk’s Cry Cliff, Rosaria

Rumor is spreading throughout the southern reaches of Rosaria of a pool of opalescent ooze that has been sighted in the moors and meadows of the region. While it resembles naught but a puddle of strange sludge from a distance, any man or beast that draws too close is met with masses of slimy hands that drag their prey into a gaping, grinning maw. Is this what we want for our children?

The Breaker of Worlds S Rank

Urgent notice to all Cursebreakers: due to the discovery of a fallen giant in the Rosarian ruins we have lately been investigating, all work in the region is to halted with immediate effect, and all members are to proceed no further than the village gate, lest the echo should be awakened by our presence. No further action action may be taken without Cid’s express permission.

FF16 17

Loresman Harpocrates, in the Hideaway, grants access to The Thousand Tomes menu housing various facets of lore. Four primary menus are here: Persons of Interest, Lay of the Land, Mysteries of the Realm, and The Bestiary, which are all quite self-explanatory.

The Crystal entry in The Mysteries of the Realm menu states the following:

One of the most valuable materials known to mankind, thanks to its ability to channel aether from the air, allowing those without an innate power to do so to cast magicks – and as most Valistheans cannot live without magic, its supply and distribution is heavily regulated by governments across the Twins. A given shard can only channel a certain amount of aether before it shatters, so the neeed for new crystals is incessant.

Vivian Ninetales is an NPC who provides information on the realm and its inhabitants. This menu, The Grand Cast, has quite a bit going on, detailing character relationships, recaps of their personal events, and more. Highlighted entries shown in the stream are below:

Rosaria Marches

With the Blight pressing at Rosaria’s borders and forcing even more citizens of the duchy from their homes, Archduke Elwin rallies his nation to take up arms against the Iron Kingdom and wrest Drake’s Breath from their grasp. Yet tradition dictates that they must first march north, to Phoenix Gate, to perform the Rite of Ancestral Communion.

Jill Warrick — First Encounter

Born a princess of the Northern Territories, Jill was made a ward of Rosaria after her homeland’s incessant raids were quelled by the duchy. She was raised in Rosalith Castle alongside Clive and Joshua, who came to love her as a sister.

Jill Warrick — At the Battle of Nysa

Dominant of Shiva and Clive’s childhood friend. In the depths of the Nysa Defile, the two came to blows at the orders of the armies that enslaved them – Jill fighting to defend the priests of the Iron Kingdom, Clive obeying the empire’s orders to take the head of Shiva’s Dominant. Exhausted from her tilt with Titan, Jill came close to failing to her assassins’ blades, but was spared at the last moment when Clive’s memories of their time together came flooding back.

FF16 18

Back on the map, we have a plethora of other descriptors:

The Night of Flames

Acting in concert with the treacherous Duchess Anabella, imperial forces attack Phoenix Gate. From the chaos arise two Eikons of fire – the fateful battle between them reducing all to ash.

Following Clive— Taken Captive by the Empire

Clive does all in his power to save his brother and father from the imperial infiltrators, but alas, it is not enough. The Phoenix awakens and runs rampant, and in the ensuing maelstrom, Clive blacks out. He is found in the rubble the next morning, and enslaved by the imperial army on his mother’s orders.

Seized by Sanbreque

As soon as word of the deaths of Rosaria’s leader and Dominant reaches the Iron Islands, the invade, encountering little resistance on the road to Rosalith. Not to be outdone, Sanbreque launches an invasion of its own, driving the Crusaders from the shores of Storm and incorporating the duchy into the empire.

Following Clive— Drafted into the Imperial Legions

Clive survives the tragedy of Phoenix Gate, only to be forcibly recruited into the imperial army and spirited away to Sanbreque on his mother’s orders. He would not return to his homeland again for many a long year.

Death in the Defile

The Iron Kingdom’s unholy crusade is on the march once more  – this time into the arid wastes of Dhalmekia, where the republic musters its main host in the depths of the Nysa Defile. Alarmed by the size and ferocity of the Ironblood horde, the Dhalmeks call on the aid of their long-standing ally Waloed. As the two sides meet each other in bloody battle, a small group of imperial soldiers infiltrates the fray in pursuit of their own target.

Following Clive — Infiltration of the Nysa Defile

Clive is dispatched to the Nysa Defile as a member of the Bastards, an elite imperial assassination squadron. Together with his Branded brothers-in-arms, he pursues the Ironblood army in order to take the head of the Dominant of Shiva. However, all does not proceed as planned, and he is saved from certain death by a stranger named Cid.

Lastly, a variety of gameplay is revealed, utilizing the Eikons and tools viewed throughout the State of Play. Based on the Ability Wheels, Ifrit will undoubtedly be Clive’s default Eikon because its contents are far more intricate than the other Eikons. Further, the marketing has painted Clive as most connected with Ifrit.

You can view the full 4K Final Fantasy XVI State of Play below:

Final Fantasy XVI is set to be a more action-heavy entry than its predecessors, with a Devil May Cry V designer even taking the helm. Throughout the title, players will control the protagonist, Clive, as he confronts various Dominants, humans who have been cursed with the power to become Eikons.

Clive is the “First Shield of Rosaria,” sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who’s the Dominant of Phoenix. However, following tragedy, Clive swears revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit.

The producer, Naoki Yoshida, describes this game as akin to his experience with the first Final Fantasy, as “playing the lead in an epic motion picture.” The reasoning for this title’s action-oriented approach and more classical fantasy setting was to “appeal to as wide a range of gamers as possible.” Moreover, “there will be a “comprehensive support system in place for players who aren’t too confident with action games.”

Final Fantasy XVI is launching exclusively for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

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