Final Fantasy XVI Sales Incredibly Strong Says Square Enix

Lately, there have been discussions of how well Final Fantasy XVI has sold primarily due to Square Enix’s decision to currently only have the game available on the PlayStation 5.

This has led many to speculate that the title would fail to hit any sort of sales expectations. Square Enix refutes this claim by pointing to the fact that when compared to titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake, exceeding three million units in the first week of release is incredibly strong.

When looking at the fact that there are thirty-eight million PS5 units worldwide, hitting three million is a very good sales figure when compared to titles that were released on the PS4 later in the console’s life.

Square Enix says to outlet IGN, “Square Enix considers the initial sales results of Final Fantasy XVI to be extremely strong, and we will continue to carry out a wide range of initiatives to encourage even more people to play the game.” It’s clear from this quote that not only does the company think that Final Fantasy XVI is a success but will continue to promote it in the upcoming future.

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Final Fantasy XVI is available now on PlayStation 5.

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