Final Fantasy XVI Reveals New Game+ Features; Final Fantasy Mode, Ultimaniac Challenges & Chronolith Trials

Game Informer has been revealing a plethora of exclusive Final Fantasy XVI coverage from discussions with the game’s team. One particular avenue of coverage had the outlet converse with creative director Hiroshi Takai and combat director Ryota Suzuki about the difficulty modes.

After completing the game once, players can experience New Game+ in a new mode, Final Fantasy. In New Game+, all previously unlocked abilities and acquired gear is carried over. So, while you can choose to play through the base game again, additional changes enhance the experience tenfold.

In Final Fantasy mode, the game’s difficulty, monster placement, and the types of enemies that appear alter. For those familiar with the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix releases, particularly for the first two mainline games, the two lattermost points are highly similar.

The team chose this approach since the first playthrough mainly allows players to become accustomed to the combat system and enjoy the story. The playthroughs afterward serve to emphasize the challenge level since the narrative remains the same. You’ll have to intricately study enemy behaviors and telegraphs to succeed.

Moreover, during Final Fantasy Mode New Game+, interacting with the Arete Stone in hideaways enables access to Ultimaniac Mode challenges, which are more difficult variations of Arcade Mode, letting you replay previous sections of the game.

Another feature players can anticipate in New Game+ is Final Chronolith Trials on Final Fantasy Mode, alternatively just Chronolith Trials if not on Final Fantasy Mode. Each Trial is based on an Eikon and consists of the following:

“…multiple stages, each with four rounds of enemies. The first three rounds will be standard waves of monsters, each increasing in difficulty as you progress. The fourth round, however, will feature a boss. Chronolith Trials are also time trials, and every stage contains a list of moves, combos, and objectives you can execute to gain more time. However, pulling these off won’t be easy because there’s no healing in these trials, save for recovery that immediately begins after activating any Limit Break move. “

Final Fantasy XVI 2

Final Fantasy XVI is set to be a more action-heavy entry than its predecessors, with a Devil May Cry V designer even taking the helm. Throughout the title, players will control the protagonist, Clive, as he confronts various Dominants, humans who have been cursed with the power to become Eikons.

Clive is the “First Shield of Rosaria,” sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who’s the Dominant of Phoenix. However, following tragedy, Clive swears revenge on the Dark Eikon Ifrit.

The producer, Naoki Yoshida, describes this game as akin to his experience with the first Final Fantasy, as “playing the lead in an epic motion picture.” The reasoning for this title’s action-oriented approach and more classical fantasy setting was to “appeal to as wide a range of gamers as possible.” Moreover, “there will be a “comprehensive support system in place for players who aren’t too confident with action games.”

Final Fantasy XVI is launching exclusively for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

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